De-Stress, Make Your Breath Your BFF & Embrace Thriving Mindfully Commitment: Slow Your Living


How are you planning to de-stress in 2020?

Need tips and inspiration on how to de-stress this year?

Watch the video below and be inspired to open your heart and practice mindful self-care by embracing the first Thriving Mindfully Commitment: Slow Your Living with several deep breaths. My breathing exercise is called Make Your Breath Your BFF. It takes less than one minute to practice.

Also, check out what I had to say about my S-T-R-E-S-S tool in my client, Body Connect Health Wellness’ January newsletter here.

In case you want to know how I am practicing and teaching high achievers and mission-driven companies, organizations, and communities to embrace Thriving Mindfully, a heart-centered centered approach to being the REAL YOU, check out the 5 Thriving Mindfully Commitments.TM2020-REVISEDApproachand5commitments (1)

Guess what’s coming in March 2020?

My Thriving Mindfully Academy and signature online course, Thriving Mindfully as the REAL YOU.

The online course will help you de-stress, practice mindful self-care with the 5 Thriving Mindfully Commitments, and learn how to avoid burnout in 90 days.

Sign up for my newsletter here to learn more about the Thriving Mindfully Academy and Thriving Mindfully as the REAL YOU online course.

ThrivingMindfullyasYOURetreat (2)

Ladies, don’t miss the chance to dive deep into mindful self-care with me during the Thriving Mindfully as YOU in 2020 and Beyond, an online women’s retreat, on Sunday, January 26th from 3-5 PM. Get your tickets here and invite your friends to participate.

Resources (1)

ONE-ON-ONE COACHING: I love coaching and supporting people just like you who are committed to exploring mindfulness, meditation, and mindful self-care in their lives. Contact me at if you need more support. I can set up a free 20-minute consultation call to discuss we can work together. I offer an hourly rate and three-month and six-month packages.


THRIVING MINDFULLY PODCAST: Listen to over 100 episodes of my Thriving Mindfully Podcast here. The podcast episodes cover mindfulness, mindful self-care, mindful communication, mindful at work, mindful creativity, mindful technology, mindful journaling, and more. Guided meditations are also included.

MINDFULNESS, SELF-CARE & YOGA-INSPIRED BOOKS: Check out my three mindfulness books here: Love’s Troubadours, a yoga-inspired novel; That Which Awakens Me, a mindful creativity memoir; and Digital Sisterhood, a mindful technology memoir. My books make great gifts for yourself and others.




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