Being S.O.F.T. with Yourself Helps You Celebrate Your Wins

While I was leading the S.O.F.T. As Fuck Fall Circle on September 28th, I asked folks when’s the last time they slowed down, reflected on their growth, and celebrated their efforts. Most hadn’t taken the time to reflect and celebrate. That’s why I recorded a special video about the power of being S.O.F.T. with yourself and how it helps you pay attention to and celebrate your small, medium, and big wins. Clink on the video below to hear what I had to say. 

Drop me a line and let me know how you are celebrating your small, medium, and big wins.

FYI: I am leading the final S.O.F.T. As Fuck Fall Circle on Saturday, October 1st at 2-3 PM ET. You are invited to join me.


A replay video will be made available if you are unable to attend the live session. 

Happy First Day of Autumn and Libra Season!

It’s the start of a new season.

It is a harvest season of celebration filled with Libra energy that encourages you to come home to yourself by SLOWING down and OFFERING yourself FREEDOM TODAY and every day.


If you’re interested in celebrating the Autumn Equinox with softness, click the link to sign up for tonight’s S.O.F.T. As Fuck Fall Circle at 8-9 PM ET:

FYI: I am leading the S.O.F.T. As Fuck Fall Circle on September 28th at 8-9 PM ET and October 1st at 2-3 PM ET.

See you in the Circle!

Being S.O.F.T. & Vulnerability

What happens inside of yourself — your body and mind when you think about being VULNERABLE?

Do you shy away from being VULNERABLE with yourself because society, family, friends, colleagues, mentors, etc. tell you it is a sign of WEAKNESS?

This morning I wrote about my vulnerability journey and what’s gotten in my way of being S.O.F.T. and VULNERABLE with myself. Watch the video below to hear what I wrote and felt about being vulnerable.

FYI: S.O.F.T. is a mindfulness tool I created and use in my own self-care practice and work with clients, companies, organizations, and communities. S.O.F.T. means SLOW down and OFFER yourself FREEDOM TODAY.

Join me for the S.O.F.T. As Fuck Fall Circle on September 22 at 8-9 PM ET, September 28 at 8-9 PM ET OR October 1 at 2-3 PM. 


Prep for Autumn Season with S.O.F.T. Moment

The autumn season is almost here. It kicks in on September 22nd. Before it begins, I invite you to give yourself the gift of a S.O.F.T. moment.

Watch the video below and learn how you can create your S.O.F.T. moment in a few seconds.

FYI: S.O.F.T. means SLOW down and OFFER yourself FREEDOM TODAY.

Join me for the S.O.F.T. As Fuck Fall Circle on September 22 at 8-9 PM ET, September 28 at 8-9 PM ET OR October 1 at 2-3 PM. Click the button below to get more details and reserve your seat. 

I’m speaking about mindfulness + digital wellness at the Wonder Women Tech Virtual Summit on Sept 13-14

I’m super excited to lead mindful moment sessions and give a talk on “Digital Sister Wellness” during the Wonder Women Tech Virtual Summit on September 13-14! Grab your tickets and join me in this powerful summit that will Innovate, Empower, Ignite & Amplify!


Being S.OF.T. with Yourself Is Your Birthright! Join the S.O.F.T. Revolution Today!

Take a moment to watch my latest video below. There’s a message for you about being S.O.F.T Leave a comment and let me know if it resonates with you. 

Ready to be S.O.F.T.?

Join me for the S.O.F.T. As Fuck Fall Circle on September 22 at 8-9 PM ET, September 28 at 8-9 PM ET OR October 1 at 2-3 PM. Click the button below to get more details and reserve your seat. 

Tap Into Your Ancestors for Support in Shining Your Light on Yourself in a Big Way

Watch the video for a special reminder to shine your light on yourself in a big way with your ancestors’ support. Deepen your understanding of shining your light with the Thriving Mindfully Podcast episodes. Click button below.

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Shine Your Light + Tune Into NEW Thriving Mindfully Podcast Season 5

Happy New Moon in Leo! Today’s New Moon in Leo is all about confidence, creativity, and heart-centered action. 

The Thriving Mindfully Academy is using the theme, “Shine Your Light” to guide us during Leo Season (July 22-August 22) and in our New Moon mindful self-care practices. 

I am using the New Moon in Leo to set an intention of shining my light on myself through the relaunch of the Thriving Mindfully Podcast’s Season 5

This week I started taking heart-centered action by recording four episodes that are centered around the theme of “Shine Your Light on Yourself.”

I invite you to tune into the short Thriving Mindfully Podcast episodes (approximately 13-20 minutes each) Click the button below. 

I am releasing more episodes in August, September, and October. So make sure you subscribe!

Please share the podcast link with your family, friends, and colleagues:

Also, drop me a line and let me know how you are doing with your mindful self-care.

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My INSPIRED! by Kara Podcast Conversation: My creative entrepreneur journey lessons on being SOFT, releasing society’s SUCCESS, and getting COVID-19 at 57

My soul sistalove Sue A. Webley, founder of Kara Solutions, invited me to join her for a juicy conversation on her INSPIRE! by Kara podcast about my journey as a creative entrepreneur who wears the hats of Thriving Mindfully Coach, artist, and author.

During the conversation, Sue and I discuss what my life has been like as an entrepreneur and my ongoing healing journey for the past 30 years.

We dive into three concepts I have been writing, speaking, and teaching about in my Thriving Mindfully Academy, training work, and coaching practice this year: INNER WEALTH, SOFT (Slowing down to Offer yourself Freedom Today), and DIGITAL WELLNESS.

I also share how I am navigating my recent diagnosis of COVID-19 and give a shout out to my Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Sorors and our centennial celebration.

FYI: The conversation starts at the 17.28 mark. Make sure you listen to the entire podcast because Sue gives insight about recent news in the African American community.

When’s the last time you slowed down and listened to yourself and your body?

While I was at my monthly chiropractor appointment this week, I thought about the conversations I’ve been having with my body over the past 30 years. Those conversations have strengthened my ability to pay attention, listen, and respond to what my body needs at different stages in my adult life.

Over the years, these conversations have helped me slow down and sustain my living with a strong commitment to and practice of mindful self-care.

My mindful self-care includes a vegan lifestyle, daily physical movement, rest and chill.out time, spiritual and creative practices, fun and play time with family and friends, meaningful work that allows me to share my gifts in my wellness company, and monthly massage, acupuncture, and chiropractor visits. All of it helps me express Thriving Mindfully as the REAL ME.

When is the last time you slowed down and tuned into your body?

What is your body trying to tell you?

This month I am helping my Thriving Mindfully Academy members use the Gemini ♊️ season’s energy to tune into themselves (spirt, heart, mind, and body) and invite curiosity into their conversations with self. We’re exploring this practice during our monthly mindful self-care classes on June 12th and 27th.

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