Digital Sisterhood: A Memoir of Fierce Living Online

9781491706398_COVER_FQA.inddDigital Sisterhood shares how I became a pioneer in the digital universe in the mid 1980s when I logged in to the LexisNexis research service as a first-year law student at Howard University School of Law. I was immediately smitten with what the World Wide Web could do. Later, while attending the UN Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China, in 1995, I found myself in an Internet café, where I experienced an interaction that changed my life.

Over time, through interactions and conversations both online and in-person, I developed the concept of “digital sisterhood.” Embracing this revolutionary concept led to a complete career reinvention that finally allowed me to embrace my enormous creative spirit. I found in my digital sisters true “sheroes” and virtual mentors. My blogging and social media adventures highlight the lessons I learned in the process, the reasons I launched the Digital Sisterhood Network, and the experiences that caused me to adopt what I term the “fierce living” commitments.

In my memoir, Digital Sisterhood, I detail my journey, sharing experiences and insights that helped me and my digital sisters use the Internet as a self-discovery tool and identifying leadership archetypes that shaped my role as a social media leader.

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