#Blogalicious12 Recap #1 – Photos – The Fun Stuff

Ananda registering for Blogalicious conference

Happy #DigitalSisterhood Wednesday!

Today is the perfect day to share photos from the Blogalicious12 Weekend Conference that I attended on September 28-30 at the Red Rock Spa in Las Vegas. The entire conference was filled with Digital Sisterhood moments galore! I have included photos of some of my favorite moments and links to my Flickr photo sets. Enjoy!

PS: I will share more #Blogalicious12 updates later this month.

Blogalicious Lunch on Day 1
Blogalicious Community Jam Session (Ananda on panel) – Photo Credit: Yolanda Arrington
Blogalicious Shop Your Way Fashionista Tea on Day 1
Blogalicious McDonald’s Reception on Day #1
Hanging at the P&G Connect Suite on Day 3 of Blogalicious
Blogalicious Lunch featuring Harriette Cole on Day 3

Ananda Joins Women Online’s Social Media Sprint Campaign – #BlogForObama

Photo Credit: BarackObama.com

Happy October!

A few days ago I was in Las Vegas attending the Blogalicious Weekend Conference. During one of my breaks, I checked my email and read a message from my digital sister, Chrysula Winegar, that invited me to participate in Women Online’s Social Media Sprint Campaign. When I visited the Women Online (WO) web site to research the campaign, I learned WO is a boutique digital public relations and marketing firm founded by Morra Aarons-Mele, an Internet marketing professional who established The Mission List and  served as the founding Political Director for BlogHer.com. After digesting this information, my response to Chrysula’s invitation was YES…YES… YES!!!!! So I joined the group of amazing women bloggers and top social media voices in a “social media sprint” to Election Day (#blogforobama).

Photo Credit: BarackObama.com

So why join? I think President Obama is the only Presidential candidate who represents my interests as a woman. Since June, I have actively participated in the Obama 2012 campaign by:

Photo Credit: Ananda canvasing in her U Street neighborhood in DC
Photo Credit: Ananda volunteering at Obama phone bank
Photo Credit: Ananda volunteering at Obama phone bank
President Obama speaking at BlogHer 12 Conference
Photo Credit: Leigh Mosley wwwleighmosley.com
Photo Credit: BarackObama.com

Today, I participated in WO’s first conference call and learned more about the role I will be playing in the Social Media Sprint Campaign. I also learned my digital sisters, Stacey Ferguson, BeBlogalicious.com co-founder and chief curator,  and Xina Eiland, President of The Eiland Group and BeBlogalicious.com publicist, are also participating in the campaign. What great company I am in!

From now and until November 7 (the day after the Presidential Election), you will see me online a little more. For example, I will tweet during the Presidential Debate on October 3. Later this week, I will share more information from the Social Media Sprint Campaign. So look out for my tweets and posts on Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.

Enjoy your day and remember to register to vote, get your ID, help others register or obtain their IDs, vote early (if you can), and vote for President Obama!

Moving FORWARD with President Obama,

Ananda, a proud 2008 and 2012 Obama supporter