It’s Time to Take Off Your Mask & Embrace Thriving Mindfully as the REAL YOU with Human Design

When you were growing up, did you wear a mask and a costume to celebrate Halloween? Have you worn a mask during a masquerade ball or Mardi Gras? These masks were great disguises that prevented the world from seeing who you really are. 

During the pandemic, have you worn a mask to take care of your health and the health of others? It represents a mask of protection. 

Do you wear a mask to show up as the person you are expected to be by your family, friends, colleagues, clients, neighbors, or society? This mask limits you. It holds you hostage. It can even imprison you for a lifetime. In short, your mask prevents you from being the REAL YOU.

Human Design can help you come home to yourself, take off your mask, and thrive mindfully. Human Design spices up your life, relationships, and career from the inside out. As a self-discovery and self-INpowerment tool, Human Design offers you guidance on how to be present, well, and the REAL YOU no matter what’s happening in your life, relationships, and career. With Human Design, you travel through your life with a roadmap that helps you analyze your personality so that you can make better choices, informed decisions, and flow with greater ease. 

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Established in 1987, Human Design marries the principles of ancient wisdom systems including the African (Kemetian/Egyptian) science of astrology, the Chinese I Ching, the Hindu chakra system, and the Jewish Kabbalah along with quantum physics. 

Ready to learn more Human Design?

Go here to sign up for my Spice Up Your Life with Human Design: 5 Ways to Nurture Your Energy Type Class on October 31st at 8-9:15 PM ET. A replay video will be made available.

Before the class, you will NEED to get your FREE Human Design Chart (also called a BodyGraph) that uses your birth date, time, and place to identify your energy type and other core elements. You’ll need to know your energy type for the class. 

Go here to download your FREE Human Design Chart. 

During the class, you will:

  • Receive an introduction to Human Design that covers the 5 main energy types (characteristics and strategy)
  • Experience and/or learn about 5 mindful self-care practices you can use to nurture your specific energy type
  • Learn about resources you can use to understand your energy type
  • Identify 1 practice and 1 resource you can use in the next 30, 60, or 90 days
  • Engage in a group discussion
Go here to buy your Thriving Mindfully Academy monthly membership subscription and get access to the Spice Up Your Life with Human Design: 5 Ways to Nurture Your Energy Types Class. Membership doors close on October 31st at 11:59 PM ET.

Tune Into Spice Up Your Life with Fall Self-Care IG Live Series on October 20-27

The Fall season is a great time to spice up your self-care practices. Join me and my amazing “soul love” friends for some powerful conversations during the Spice Up Your Life with Fall Self-Care IG Live Series on October 20-27

Meet my guests and see the dates, times, and topics.

Facing Uncertainty & the Unknown

Hey Groovy Friend. Happy Monday!

Now that you have made it to the middle of October, take a moment to check-in with how you are feeling and what you are thinking about. If you’re anxious about anything, facing uncertainty or dealing with the fear of the unknown in your life, relationships, and career, give yourself a hug and breathe deeply three to seven times. Place your hand on your heart. Notice your heart rate. Observe and listen to your breath. Use these self-care practices to come home to yourself. Watch the video for more tips.

Wanna take a deeper dive into being present, well, and the REAL YOU?

Need support and accountability in your wellness and personal growth journey?

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Membership benefits include:

  • Mindful Self-Care 102 Library
  • Monthly Thriving Mindfully 101 Master Classes in October-December: The next class is Wednesday, October 20th at 8-9 PM ET.
  • Spice Up Your Life with Human Design: 5 Ways to Manage Your Energy Class on October 31st at 8-9:15 PM ET
  • Monthly sound bath meditation classes (replay videos of 30-minute class available)
  • World Kindness Meditation Day Class on November 13th at 9-9:30 AM ET
  • Replay video for the Fall Virtual Retreat
  • Spring Virtual Retreat in 2022
  • Self-Care Challenges including the upcoming Be Kind to Yourself 21-Day Self-Led Challenge on November 1-20 and all of the content (videos, audio recordings, and guide) for the Exhale + Simplify Yourself Challenge: 5 Ways to Thrive Challenge that was held in September
  • Monthly digital self-care package that focuses on self-care practices that align with the monthly theme: Be Kind to Yourself in November and Understand Yourself in December (beginning in November)
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