Spice Up Your Life with Human Design

Every day is your day to spice up your life with the TRUTH.

The TRUTH is you are a unique human BE-ing with a unique energy, a unique path, and a unique flow.

Your uniqueness comes from within you.

It lives in your spirit, heart, mind, body, and breath.

It’s what makes you the REAL YOU.

Here’s a special poem for you entitled, “The REAL YOU.”

Do you struggle with BE-ing the REAL YOU?

Are you ready to BE the REAL YOU from the inside out?

Are you ready to take better care of yourself no matter what’s happening in your life, relationships, and career?

Are you ready to befriend your inner critic and fears?

Are you ready to make better decisions that align with the REAL YOU?

If you answered HELL YES, yeah, maybe, I think so, I am kinda ready, I need more time and information, or I am not sure, I invite you to take 3 deep breaths, hug yourself for 20 seconds or more, and KEEP READING to learn how Human Design can support you.

FYI: Your deep breathing and hug will ground you in your body.

Human Design is all about IN-powering yourself to be present, well, and the REAL YOU in your life, relationships, and career. I call that Thriving Mindfully!

Human Design marries ancient wisdom systems including the African (Kemetian/Egyptian) science of astrology, the Chinese I Ching, the Hindu chakra system, and the Jewish Kabbalah along with quantum physics.

Your Human Design is a spicy gumbo made from a recipe that only you can enjoy.

Your Human Design recipe gives you the ingredients you need to navigate your life and express your divine talents, skills, and potential.

Those ingredients include your bodygraph, type (aura), strategy, authority, profile, and centers.

My Human Design journey started during the COVID-19 pandemic when I had my first session with coach Marilyn Fontaine. Marilyn gave me a brief overview of Human Design, explained how it could help me, and discussed how she used it with clients.

One of my first coaching homework assignments was to download a free bodygraph and watch a video about my Manifesting Generator energy type, strategy, and sacral authority.

Three months after I started my coaching sessions with Marilyn, my sacral authority in my gut lit up after watching her Human Design workshop video that was led by Livy Iasonos, a coach and the founder of Business by Design. I started following Livy on Instagram and reading her Human Design posts. Livy’s posts introduced me to other Human Design coaches and readers.

I also started talking to my friends Garnet, Gigi, and Martin about their Human Design journeys. Gigi and Martin recommended I check out Karen Curry Parker, founder of Quantum Human Design, and her book and videos. After reading about several women’s journeys in Karen’s book, my sacral authority lit up again about guided me to get a Human Design reading from a person of color.

Google became my BFF as I searched for information about people of color in Human Design. It led me to a blog post written by Fiona Wong, the founder of Wild Pixel. After reading Fiona’s blog and checking out her services, my sacral authority lit up once again and guided me to sign up for a reading.

Fiona’s reading was FUCKING AWESOME! IT LIT ME all the way up from my root chakra to my crown chakra. She advised me to go slow and be patient with myself as I experiment with my Human Design. Experimenting means growing in my understanding, nurturing, and use of my Human Design.

In her follow up email, Fiona recommended a few books and several women of color who use Human Design in their work. One of the women was Aycee Brown, a psychic channel who specializes in astrology, numerology, and Human Design. Aycee’s Instagram page, podcast, and YouTube channel quickly became some of my favorite resources.

The more I experimented with my Human Design, the more in-powered I felt in my life, relationships, and career as a coach, artist, and author. I also followed my sacral authority’s HELL YES when I received an email invitation to participate in Fiona’s Human Design Reader course and Livy’s Business by Design course. I approached both with a playful, fun, listen, and learn what I can attitude. For the first time in my life, I decided to release myself from the pressure to overachieve. That one decision was an affirmation of the REAL ME showing up and claiming space.

Over the past two years, I have used crystals (gemstones and jewelry), chakras, essential oils, incense, candles, colors (wearing colorful lipstick and clothing; sleeping on colorful sheets and blankets), mantras, mudras, playing sound healing bowls and other instruments, music, and yoga poses that correspond to my Manifesting Generator energy type, sacral authority, defined and open centers, channels, and 5/1 profile to cultivate a relationship with my Human Design. I have also written affirmations and poetry and made artwork (drawing, painting, and collage) to express my Human Design. Check out the pencil, magic marker, and crayon drawing of my Human Design bodygraph (chart) above. It represents how I see my bodygraph as an African American woman.

Watch the video to learn more about my Human Design journey.

Are You Ready to Spice Up Your Life, Relationships, and Career with Human Design?

Learning about and embodying your Human Design is a lifelong journey. It’s magical, messy, mysterious, and meaningful. It can sometimes feel like you are in labor and ready to give birth.

That’s why it is so important you have someone who can hold space for you and offer guidance and support. That someone is ME, your Human Design Doula.

As a Human Design Doula, I hold space for you where you are able to feel safe, seen, and heard. In creating this sacred and safe space, I offer you compassion, curiosity, clarity, and a commitment to your highest good.

I also offer you guidance and support that help you learn about and use your Human Design energy type, strategy, authority, profile, and centers in your life.

When I work with you, I draw on my gifts, training, and expertise as a Thriving Mindfully coach, meditation and yoga teacher, reiki master practitioner, sound healer, artist, writer, and digital wellness educator. Go here to learn more about me.

Learn about the impact I am making with clients.

My Virtual 1:1 Readings & Coaching Sessions Begin in Mid January 2023

1:1 Reading – $170

75 minutes (replay video sent after session)

Focuses on Understanding and Nurturing Yourself Better with Your Human Design Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, and Centers

1:1 Coaching – $350

90 minutes (replay video sent after session)

Focuses on How to Fully Express Your Human Design with Ancestral Medicine, Befriend Your Inner Critic and Fears, Identify Family Patterns with Human Design, Deepen Relationships with Human Design, and Celebrate Yourself in Your Life and Career

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