Thriving Mindfully as the REAL YOU

Be present, well & the REAL YOU with my support.

So much stuff is happening inside and outside of you. You’ve got ideas, dreams, responsibilities, and stuff that gets in your way. It can feel groovy one minute and devastating the next.

Do you want to run from it all because you don’t know what to do to get to the other side of being the REAL YOU?

Are you hiding behind a mask as the person you think you should be or are expected to be in your life, relationships, and career? 

The problem with wearing the mask is it limits you. It holds you hostage. It can even imprison you for a lifetime and stop you from being the REAL YOU.

You may think you can outsmart the REAL YOU, but you can’t! 

The REAL YOU is the guardian of your ideas and dreams. 

The REAL YOU’s mission is to make sure your ideas and dreams see the light of day. 

The world is waiting for the REAL YOU to arrive. And so are you!

You may be thinking, how can I arrive when I don’t know how or I am afraid?

You need a safe haven to arrive as the REAL YOU where you can nurture, transform, and celebrate yourself with loving kindness, compassion, nonjudgment, patience, and forgiveness. 

With me as your coach, I’ll help you arrive when you learn my Thriving Mindfully System of 5 Core Commitments.

These commitments invite you to use a heart-centered approach to showing up as the REAL YOU in your life, relationships, and career.

The Thriving Mindfully Core Commitments include:

1) Core Commitment #1 Slow Your Living (Mindfulness): Heart-centered awareness of what’s happening inside and outside of yourself

2) Core Commitment #2 Sustain Your Living (Self-Care): Heart-centered awareness and action steps on how you take care of yourself

3) Core Commitment #3 Share Your Living (Mindful Communication and Relationships): Heart-centered awareness and action steps on how you show up and communicate in your relationship with yourself FIRST (the different parts of yourself, including your wise person, spiritual person, creative person, inner child, CEO person, peacemaker, inner critic, and warrior person) and your relationship with others SECOND.

4) Core Commitment #4 Serve Through Your Living (Mindful Creativity and Right Livelihood): Heart-centered awareness and action steps on how you share your divine talents and skills, serve others, and make an impact in the world

5) Core Commitment #5 Savor Your Living (Self-Celebration and Gratitude): Heart-centered awareness and actions steps on how you identify and celebrate your wins

Using this system, you will be able to:

-Feel grounded and confident in who you truly are no matter what’s happening

-Understand and take better care of yourself based on your unique energy 

-Strategically take small steps to accomplish your goals with accountability

-Make better choices and informed decisions

-Mindfully communicate and interact with others 

-Positively impact the world as you share your divine gifts and talents and serve others 

-Celebrate your small, medium, and big wins with gratitude

My Thriving Mindfully System of 5 Core Commitments was born out of the lessons I have learned, my mindful self-care certifications and Human Design studies, the strategies I have used over the past 30+ years, the work I have done in my wellness company, and the three mindfulness books I have written. 

Hi there! I am Ananda Leeke.

I am a spiritual being having a very real human experience as an award-winning Thriving Mindfully Coach, an artist, an author, and a Human Design Doula in Washington, DC. I am also a legally ordained interfaith reverend who holds space for and officiates sacred life celebrations and ceremonies. I acknowledge I reside on the sacred land of the Piscataway Indian Nation.

I discovered mindfulness, self-care, and wellness when my career as a lawyer, an investment banker, and a digital communications professional stressed me out, caused burnout, and did not produce the level of success I expected. During my healing journey, my parents insisted I work with an African American woman therapist. Therapy helped me understand myself better and tap into the love, positive energy, and support of family, friends, and sacred and safe communities.

Therapy also opened the door to my study and practice of meditation, yoga, reiki, sound healing, journaling, art-making, creative writing, and Human Design. These modalities helped me develop self-care practices, navigate change, and become resilient.

As a result, I decided I wanted to help others take better care of themselves, navigate change, be resilient, and live fulfilling lives. So I became a certified yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher, a digital wellness educator, a reiki master practitioner, a sound healer, and an artist-in-residence for Smith Center for Healing and the Arts at Howard University Hospital and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Today, I lead Ananda Leeke Consulting, a wellness company, and the Thriving Mindfully Academy, an online learning platform and membership site. Through my work, I am able to hold space for and support the growth and resiliency of mission-driven individuals, companies, organizations, and communities. 

Find out how I have helped people just like you.

“Ananda provides a safe container for the body to feel present, calm, and release. She coached me in coming back into my joy and grounding in the present moment. She guided me through creative reflection to highlights my wins and how to set attainable goals on how I want to shift my thoughts into action. I now have tools and practices I can always rely on during any moment that life throws. She is a living embodiment of finding and cultivating joy; to relish in your breath, and center self-care.”

Kai Kai Mascareñas
DC International Womxn’s Alliance (DIWA)

“Ananda helped me to focus and be intentional about my wellness goals. She helped me learn that wellness can be done within a few breaths. If I missed setting an intention at any time in my day I could take a deep breath or two and start from there. Her support comes from a place of wisdom and knowledge. Her guidance is calm, soft, and nurturing.”

C. Roberts, Fashion Designer, Photographer & Sales Consultant @thecprbrand

“Through her guidance and encouragement, Ananda has been able to help me nurture, transform and inspire my career advancement. She has grounded me in times of turmoil and coached me through moments of doubt. When
I was on the ledge, Ananda not only gave me a hand to pull me off but gave me tools to use
once I was back inside where it was safe.”

Danielle Ricks, Digital Media Consultant
Danielle Ricks Productions
Adjunct Faculty, Howard University

“I have enjoyed being a member of Ananda’s Thriving Mindfully Academy. She leads the meditations and other practices with skill and a wonderful sense of joy and kindness, leaving space for sharing and spontaneous serendipity.”

Martin Parker
Founder, Parquillian Designs

“I have loved all of Ananda’s meditation and journaling evenings and always leave feeling revived and alive! Coupled with her compassionate 1:1 coaching, I feel I am ‘coming into my own’. I am getting to
know myself better and am finally
prioritizing self-care that is so critical
to being the best we can be.”

Jo Smail
Australian Diplomat

Booking the Thriving Mindfully as the REAL YOU program with me will give you immediate access to:

 -Self-led Thriving Mindfully pre-recorded master classes

-Self-led Human Design pre-recorded webinars

If you choose to do nothing the cost will be so much more than the investment of coaching. Looking back I have to admit that had I known the impact coaching would have made on my life, relationships, and career years ago, I would have done anything to hire a coach. Whether you join the Thriving Mindfully as the REAL YOU Program or not, you gotta do something NOW. If nothing changes NOW, then tomorrow will be exactly the same.

Here’s what doing nothing will cost you:

  • Your birthright of joy will slip through your fingers because dwelling in the same place you’ve been will leave you frustrated, angry, and burned out. It is a joy killer, for sure! Every day becomes so heavy. That heaviness will come from being confused, fearful, and doubtful. It will only increase with time. 
  • Your peace of mind will be compromised as the heaviness of confusion and doubt increase daily. They will weigh you down and diminish the clarity you need to move forward in your life, relationships, and career.
  • Procrastination will become your BFF and an uninvited roommate. The longer it stays around, the more power it will gain and ultimately force you into a timeout that doesn’t have an expiration date.
  • Your relationships will begin to get off track because you are not honoring your relationship with yourself first. 
  • As you begin to experience deeper emotions of anger, frustration, and impatience, the way you show up and communicate with family, friends, and colleagues will get messy and unhealthy.

Take a pause for the cause which is YOU and breathe deeply 3X. Notice your body. Observe how the breath moves in and out of your body. Place your hand on your heart and focus on your heart beat. Now ask yourself this question.

How do you want to show up in your life, relationships, and career in the next 90 days?

If you want to go on this journey with my support and guidance, book a 30-minute discovery call.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you conduct coaching sessions?

I use Zoom to conduct one-hour coaching sessions.

2. What type of coaching plans are available?

I offer 3 and 6-month plans.

3. Is your program group coaching?

No. It is a one-to-one coaching program.

4. How often are the coaching sessions?

Each coaching session is an hour. They are offered bi-monthly (twice per month) with homework in between sessions. You will also have messaging access to me during business hours.

5. Do you offer a single coaching session?

Yes. When we work together in a single coaching session, I provide sacred space and support that is designed to “hit the spot” on your specific area of challenge or interest. Together, we focus on what is preventing you from being aligned, moving forward, and making progress.

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