Let’s Claim Our Freedom with Mindful Self-Care in July!

What Freedom Looks Like with Mindful Self-Care

Happy July! Belated Happy New Moon and Solar Eclipse (happened on July 2nd)!

When you hear the word FREEDOM what comes to mind? What does FREEDOM mean to you? What does FREEDOM look like in your life? How does it feel?

I define FREEDOM as being fully myself. It’s showing up fully as myself. It’s knowing I am worthy. It’s valuing myself. It’s accepting and loving myself as I am … all parts of myself … which is a life long journey.

The personal and professional development work I have been doing as a lululemon luminary with an amazing community of 19 dynamic women in the DC area since May has helped me dive deep into exploring what it takes to know I am free on a daily basis. For me, it starts with my spiritual practices grounded in mindful self-care.

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PS: The photos above were taken by photographer Karlin Villondo during one of the lululemon luminaries’ session.

Looking for new moon and solar eclipse reflections, check out MysticMamma.com here.


My lululemon luminary experience inspired me to launch the Thriving Mindfully Summer of Self-Care, a three-month journey that encourages us all to nurture our spirits, hearts, minds, bodies, breath, and lives on the Summer Solstice, June 21st (ends on September 20th). I invite you to join me on this journey. Start it when you feel called to. Use the resources that resonate with you the best. Do only what works for you. Do you boo!

Before you start…

Before you start your self-care journey, read my blog here to learn more about the Thriving Mindfully Summer of Self-Care (includes free tips and resources). Check out the weekly themes I created to encourage us all to do one thing per day to nurture ourselves. Go to my blog for more resources. 

  • Slow Down Sunday
  • Mindful Monday
  • Time Management Tuesday
  • Wellness Wednesday
  • Thankful Thursday
  • Fun-day Friday
  • Savor Your Life Saturday


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Need self-care resources?

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Let’s Practice Mindful Self-Care Together During My DC and Online Workshops and Classes

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