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Can you believe April ends today? That means we have 8 months left in 2021. How are you planning to show up in the next 8 months? Let me make one recommendation. Show up as the REAL YOU with mindful self-care.

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Remembering My Soul Sistalove Lauren Zenobia Medlock Smith

Hey Groovy People! It’s taken me some time to post about the recent life transition of my soul sistalove and Howard Law classmate, Lauren Zenobia Medlock Smith. On April 1st, Lauren became an ancestor. She was holding the hands of her husband Aislee and son Andrew. I am grateful they were by her side and loved her into Creator’s love and light.

Lauren lived as a spiritual being having a very REAL human experience. We met in as first-year students at Howard University School of Law in 1986. Our HUSL classmate bond was deepened and became a soul sistalove bond during the planning of our 10th HUSL anniversary in 1999.

Lauren saw me … the REAL me. She became a HUGE part of my family, life, career, and business. She was also a member of this group. I am grateful for the special soul sistalove bond we had while she walked Mother Earth. I miss her each day. Now that she is one of my ancestors I take time to speak to her spirit regularly. Lauren is an amazing spirit of love, light, joy, compassion, and creativity. Mother Earth is truly better because she spent 59 years walking it and sharing her love, light, joy, compassion, kindness, creativity, and legal advocacy, chef extraordinaire, and home decor gifts with her family, friends, and many tribes (communities).

Join me in saying: Blessed be God for allowing Lauren to be with us all for 59 fabulous years. Blessed be Lauren who has answered the call of an ancestor. LAUREN means Light Always Unveiling itself as Radiant Energy in the NOW!

Love you my soul sistalove and ancestor, Lauren Zenobia Medlock Smith! Shine your magnificent energy and light. Thank you for all you are!

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Honor and take care of Mother Earth the same way you honor and take care of yourself every day!

Guess what? You have 1,440 minutes each day to live your life on Mother Earth.. How you use these times minutes are your CHOICE. So choose to BE PRESENT. BE WELL. BE THE REAL YOU.

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The 5-Day Challenge will help you outsmart stress with mindful self-care and creativity during Mental Health Awareness Month, National Meditation Month, and Women’s Health Month in May.