Time to complete my Digital Sisterhood book — Will be away from this blog until late October 2011

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Happy Earth Day!  Happy Good Friday!

Last weekend during Digital Sisterhood Unplugged Sunday I made a decision to step away from this blog and my @AnandaLeeke Twitter page, Facebook pages, Tumblr page, Flickr phoho-sharing site, Vimeo channel, and Cinchcast audio blog to begin the wonderful, juicy journey of completing my next book, Digital Sisterhood, a memoir.  The only thing I needed to do was a pick a date. I have vacillated on the date all week.  This morning I realized during my yoga, Reiki healing touch,  and meditation practice that my day to step away is in fact today.  That means this is the last blog post until late October (will be back in time for Blogalicious on October 21-23 in DC).

It also means I will reduce my daily and weekly social media activities that support the Digital Sisterhood Network beginning May 1.  Next week I have several blogs (with videos and photos) to write and post along with several radio shows to organize for the Feminism Online Project series on Digital Sisterhood Radio.  The Feminism Online Project ends on May 31. I will continue to host the Digital Sisterhood Wednesday weekly celebrations on Twitter (late April through October), post reminders about Digital Sisterhood Unplugged Sundays each month, and manage the monthly episodes of The Stroke Diva Fabulous Show hosted by lifestyle blogger Kamaria Richmond, Digital Sisterhood Network Blogger-in-Residence, on Digital Sisterhood Radio. I will spend time in May and June managing the final weeks of my Kickstarter fundraiser which ends on June 28 and hosting the June 29th DC She Writers Meet Up featuring guest poet/writer Dr. Ada Diaz, a Howard University professor.  I will launch the Digital Civility and Security Initiative for a week (July 4-11) and co-host the July 6th Twitter chat on digital civility with Andrea Weckerle, CiviliNation founder. In August, I will do a few audio blogs about my BlogHer participation.  In addition, I will host the September 29th DC She Writers Meet Up.  WOW! That felt good to share. It’s my way of having accountability with myself and life coach Yael.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my words, sending me positive vibes and energy for my writing journey, and supporting all of my creative efforts! May you have a beautiful rest of April, May, June, July, August, September, and October!



PS: Listen to my audio blog about Earth Day and a poem that celebrates green living! Enjoy!

Ananda is launching the Digital Sisterhood Network’s Digital Civility and Security Initiative in July


Technology, the Internet, and social media are amazing.  They have empowered people with information, a global space, and a portfolio of tools to communicate, promote, and debate their ideas and experiences.  They have also presented challenges in how people communicate and engage with each other as they exercise their freedom of speech on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other sites in cyberspace.  Some of these challenges include speech that causes fear or creates a threat of being the target of unwarranted abuse, harassment, or lies.  Thanks to organizations like CiviliNation, an education and research nonprofit that focuses on advancing the full capability of individuals to communicate and engage in cyberspace in a responsible and accountable way, work is being done to educate people about these challenges.

In an effort to support CiviliNation’s work and to promote digital civility, the Digital Sisterhood Network is launching its Digital Civility & Security Initiative on July 4, 2011.  From July 4 to July 11, the Digital Sisterhood Network will use its web site, Digital Sisterhood Wednesday celebration, Twitter page, and radio show to promote and celebrate women in social media and organizations that provide awareness and outreach on digital civility, Internet freedom of speech, online security,  privacy, and digital etiquette.  In addition, Andrea Weckerle, CiviliNation’s founder will co-host the July 6th Twitter chat on digital civility from 8:00 pm ET to 9:00 pm ET.  Please use the hashtag #digitalsisterhood to participate in the conversation.

What do you think about digital civility?

Do you feel safe in expressing your thoughts online?

Share any stories about online communication challenges you have faced in the comment section below.

Be sure to check out the videos below featuring CiviliNation Andrea Weckerle and Digital Sisterhood Network founder Ananda Leeke.

Ananda speaks about Digital Sisterhood at Howard University’s New Media Symposium on April 6

HU New Media 074, originally uploaded by anandaleeke.

Ananda Leeke, Kari Fulton, and Dr. Alla Tovares served as panelists for Howard University’s New Media Symposium at Founders Library on April 6, 2011. Fulton is the National Campus Climate Challenge Coordinator for the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative. Dr. Alla Tovares is a Howard University Professor and author of How to Write about the Media Today. Angela Adrar, an International Strategy and Communications Consultant, served as the moderator.

Dr. Ada Vilageliu Diaz, a Howard University professor, organized the symposium for freshman students as part of her writing-intensive composition course on new media entitled: New Media Writing and Race. The symposium’s goal was to have students learn from new media/social media experts and to further understand the possibilities of new media to support social causes and to enhance leadership possibilities.

Click here to see event photos

Watch videos from the Symposium below (filmed by Dr. Ada Diaz).

1) Angela Adrar and Dr. Alla Tovares

2) Dr. Alla Tovares

3) Kari Fulton

4) Group Discussion with Kari Fulton, Angela Adrar, Ananda Leeke, and Michele Roberts

Ananda’s Digital Sisterhood Book Fundraiser Raises $425 with support from 15 donors

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Happy Monday All!

Great news!  To date, 15 generous supporters helped me raise $425 for my Digital Sisterhood book fundraiser on Kickstarter.com.  I am filled with deep gratitude for their generosity and your support for sharing my fundraiser with your network via Twitter, Facebook, email, and other social media sites.

FYI – You can still make a donation to my fundraiser by clicking here.  Once I meet my $500 goal, I will continue raising money until the June 28th deadline.  The additional money raised after the $500 goal will be used to cover some or all of the graphic art and photography expenses.

Enjoy your day and week!



Please support Ananda’s Digital Sisterhood Part 2 Kickstarter Fundraiser by Making a Donation by June 28.



Hi All,

Today I am sharing a video that I recorded yesterday about my Digital Sisterhood Part 2 Kickstarter Fundraiser.  My goal is to raise $500 by June 28. Click on the link to make a donation of $1, $5, $10, $20, $30, $40, $50 or more:  http://kck.st/i15fwC.  Each person who donates will receive a gift. Check out what you will receive with your donations: http://kck.st/i15fwC.

The Story Behind My Current Fundraiser:

In September 2010, I  launched my first Kickstarter campaign to raise money for my book, Digital Sisterhood, a memoir that discusses her Internet adventures, digital sisterhood experiences, and reflections about women and the Internet during the period of 1986 to 2011.  My short-term goal was to raise $500 by December 23, 2010. My long-term goal was to raise $1,600. Guess what happened? With the support of 39 backers, I successfully raised $1,159 online and an additional $70 offline. The grand total was $1,229.

To date, I have $371 to raise in order to meet my long-term goal of $1,600. That’s why I have come back to Kickstarter with Digital Sisterhood – Part 2.  My Digital Sisterhood Part 2 book fundraising goal is $500 by June 28. This amount will cover the balance of my self-publishing expenses and help offset the cost of mailing and photography expenses.

More on Digital Sisterhood:

To learn more about Digital Sisterhood, visit the web sites below.

Web Site: http://digitalsisterhood.wordpress.com/
Book: http://digitalsisterhood.wordpress.com/book/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/digitalsisterhd

Thank you for your support! Many blessings!

Ananda is speaking at BlogHer 2011 Conference on August 5

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Something special is happening in August. I am going to the BlogHer conference as a speaker.  I will join a dynamic panel of women who will discuss peer networking. Check out the BlogHer agenda description below (text from BlogHer web site).








Session Date: August 5, 2:45 pm to 4:00 pm

Session Title: Skills: Minding Your Own Business – Peer Networking: Working together to help all boats rise

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Session Description: Much of our online business is conducted with online friends. And we all know that blogging has provided a source of support and understanding. Are you regularly taking that support offline? Are you using that support to the advantage of your business? Have you put some structure around it? This session will look at the value in creating structured peer networking groups…offline if possible, online if not…in order to accomplish specific professional goals. Whether you want to work on your writing, your business model or your value proposition, being supported by and accountable to a group of trusted peers can be exactly the boost you need. Liz Strauss moderates the conversation with Ananda Leeke, Heather Mann and Vikki Reich, who will help you figure out what kind of group you need, and how to set it up to deliver.

Smith Magazine Names Ananda as April Member of the Month for

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Great news! Smith Magazine selected me as member of the month for April.  Click here to read Smith Magazine editor Vivian Chum’s blog post.

If you recall, Smith Magazine is one of my favorite online destinations. Why? It’s simple. Six-word memoirs.  Click here to learn more about the six-word memoirs movement.

Six-word memoirs have been creative lifesavers for me, especially when I was writing my book, That Which Awakens Me: A Creative Woman’s Poetic Memoir of Self-Discovery ( 2009).   have also used them in my creative coaching practice.  Click here to watch a creative coaching session (15 minutes) I hosted on UStream.tv  last year about six-word memoirs. I am also using them in my current book project, Digital Sisterhood, a memoir.

My six-word memoir for today is:  rainy skies don’t stop rainbow news.

Do you have a six-word memoir you would like to share today?  Include it in the comment section of this post below.  Thanks.

Enjoy your day!

Ananda is speaking at YWCA USA Conference on April 9

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Great news!  I am speaking about digital sisterhood and the women’s movement as a panelist for the “Conversations across the Generations on Women’s Issues and the Women’s Movement” workshop at the YWCA‘s annual convention on April 9 from 1:45 pm to 3:00 pm.  The event will be held at the Mayflower in Washington, DC. The YWCA’s conference theme is “Own the Future.” Click here to learn more.