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Speaker Spotlight: Ananda Leeke

Happy Thursday!

My groovy friends at WordPress published a speaker spotlight about yours truly today. Check it out below and register for the Press Publish conference on March 28 in Portland. I hope to see you there!

Press Publish

Ananda LeekeAnanda Leeke will be joining us as a speaker in Portland from her home in Washington, DC. Published author, founder of the Digital Sisterhood Network, artist, yoga practitioner, social media professional…. Ananda’s accomplishments are so many and so varied that it was almost painful trying to to summarize them into a short blurb for our speaker’s list. Needless to say, we feel privileged that she’ll be part of the inaugural Press Publish this March.

One of the most enjoyable parts of organizing a conference like this is getting to know the speakers a little bit as you prepare for the event and flesh out their session ideas with them. Working with Ananda has been great fun, and hearing the story of how she has evolved personally and professionally since she began blogging 10 years ago is truly inspiring. She’ll be talking about this evolution, and how you can both create and find…

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I’m Hosting Press Publish’s Community Conversation on Blogging Burnout

Photo Credit: http://presspublish.events
Photo Credit: http://presspublish.events

Greeting All,

This week, I am hosting a Community Conversation on Blogging Burnout for the Press Publish Conference and Community. It is giving me an opportunity to meet, greet, and interact with people who are attending the Press Publish Conference I’m speaking at on March 28 in Portland, Oregon. Check out the conversation below.

If you need tips on how to manage blogging burnout, I encourage you to read the Digital Sisterhood Network blog post on creating a digital wellness plan (an excerpt from my book, Digital Sisterhood: A Memoir of Fierce Living Online) the #DSUnplugged Weekend resources.

Is it time to take a blogging break?
Is it time to take a blogging break?

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My first tango with blogging burnout happened shortly after I published my first novel. I had spent many months pushing myself to use my blog to market my book. My “joie de vivre” for blogging about my journey as an artist and author died a little more each week I chose to turn up the volume on my marketing efforts. I became a marketing machine on steroids. I wasn’t having fun. My stories about my creative journey were missing in action. It took several conversations with people close to me to realize I needed to step back from the blog, rest, and regroup. When I finally made that decision, it was the best thing I could have done because it created space for me to take a mini break. That space allowed me to rest and rediscover my “joie de vivre” for blogging.

Have you ever experienced burn out from…

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