Mindful Creativity

I help you become aware of and express creativity and innovation in your own unique way. Mindful creativity happens when you slow down, become aware, set an intention, allow yourself the time and space to tap into your intuition, and express your inner spark of creativity. Mindful creativity can be used in your life, career, and business.

When we work together, you will learn the Thriving Mindfully Academy‘s heart-centered approach to being the REAL YOU. Drawing on my experience as an artist-in-residence for Smith Center for Healing and the Arts, mixed media wire sculptor, painter, a writer, a poet, a mindfulness meditation teacher, an entrepreneur, and a senior team leader in investment banking and nonprofit management, I teach you how to:

  • unlock your creativity by slowing down and becoming aware of thoughts with compassion and without judgment
  • set intentions on who you want to be and how you want to show up as a creative person
  • focus your concentration
  • tap into and listen to your intuition
  • identify, understand, and embrace your inner critic
  • overcome blocks, challenges, and fears
  • create a mindful creativity toolkit that will support you in accomplishing your goals with action planning, accountability, and self-celebration

My services are offered virtually and in-person. I offer trainings, workshops, and one-on-one coaching sessions. I am available to speak at your next conference and event, and for digital, print, radio, and television interviews. Contact me {ananda@anandaleeke.com} to discuss how we can work together.


Who Are My Clients

My clients include mission-driven companies, nonprofit organizations, creatives, digital communications professionals, entrepreneurs, healing arts and wellness centers, retreats, and yoga studios.

Why You Should Work With Me

  • Associations, Businesses, Conferences, Healing Arts Centers, Human Resources Departments, Organizations, and Yoga Studios: You would like to offer your attendees, clients, employees, or members a workshop, training series, or one-on-one coaching sessions that train them to tap into their creativity and be more productive.
  • Individuals: You have a burning desire to express your creativity; overcome your creative blocks; launch a new idea or endeavor; or feel uncertain, doubtful, or fearful about giving birth to a dream you have been holding onto.


How I Work

Trainings, workshops, and one-on-one coaching are available. They are offered virtually and in-person.

What People Are Saying About Me

Attending the “Open Your Heart to Mindful Creativity” workshop gave me the opportunity to give voice to the fear(s) that had prevented me from excelling, both as an artist and entrepreneur. The space was safe, so much so that I was the first to answer the question as to what was the roadblock to achieving that which we called our purpose. Embracing meditation and mindfulness in the creativity workshop has given me the will and determination to manifest and to promote that which I truly believe in my art and market. Sharaledon Brave, Writer/Poet

I enjoyed working with Ananda. She is personable, attentive and detail oriented. She helped me achieve focus and action items to complete my task. Rhachelle Johnson, an employment specialist, blogger, and social media influencer

Ananda’s creativity coaching helped me get super clear about a range of personal and professional goals. Her six words memoirs coupled with deep, compassionate listening transformed my life in a major way, helping me breakthrough a mental block I had been struggling for a while about how to take my professional work to the next level. I could not recommend her yoga AND creativity coaching practice enough! Meico Whitlock, Founder and CEO, Mindful Techie

Ananda is an excellent creative coach who has incredible insight and knowledge on digital strategy development, branding and blogging. Xina Eiland, CEO of X+PR

My coaching session with Ananda Leeke was absolutely amazing. As a business owner, I knew what to do, but I didn’t have all of the components I needed to execute my plan. Ananda asked direct questions that got to the root of my issues and guided me to people, groups and websites that could help me achieve my goals. Additionally, she broke my to do list into bite-sized chunks, which made it easier to accomplish my tasks.  I left the session feeling:
1: STUNNED – she accomplished so much.  
2: INSPIRED – about my future possibilities.
3: EMPOWERED – because my life, dreams and vision, for my business, are parallel.
4: CERTAIN – that I could accomplish my goals.
5: UPLIFTED – by such positive energy.
6: CONFIDENT- I can live the life of my dreams. 
I would definitely incorporate the six-word memoir into my daily practice and reward myself at the end of every milestone. Thank you so much Ananda for your generosity and willingness to share. Charlotte Henry, owner of  CharlotteAquarius.com

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