My INSPIRED! by Kara Podcast Conversation: My creative entrepreneur journey lessons on being SOFT, releasing society’s SUCCESS, and getting COVID-19 at 57

My soul sistalove Sue A. Webley, founder of Kara Solutions, invited me to join her for a juicy conversation on her INSPIRE! by Kara podcast about my journey as a creative entrepreneur who wears the hats of Thriving Mindfully Coach, artist, and author.

During the conversation, Sue and I discuss what my life has been like as an entrepreneur and my ongoing healing journey for the past 30 years.

We dive into three concepts I have been writing, speaking, and teaching about in my Thriving Mindfully Academy, training work, and coaching practice this year: INNER WEALTH, SOFT (Slowing down to Offer yourself Freedom Today), and DIGITAL WELLNESS.

I also share how I am navigating my recent diagnosis of COVID-19 and give a shout out to my Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Sorors and our centennial celebration.

FYI: The conversation starts at the 17.28 mark. Make sure you listen to the entire podcast because Sue gives insight about recent news in the African American community.

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  1. I have experienced Ananda Leeke’s mindfulness expertise and moved forward with my inner calm and understanding of self as a result. So nice to hear her describe her journey here. Authenticity like hers builds strength in others. Thank you AL, for your sharing!

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