Make Mindfulness Your Superpower During Mindful Work Month in October!

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In the United States where I live, work is one of the most common sources of stress. According to the American Psychological Association’s (APA) 2017 Stress in America survey, 61% of adults reported work as their top stressor.

Stress impacts everyone. It happens when we experience pressure or a situation that exceeds our ability to cope. It’s also one of the main sources of wear-and-tear on our spirits, minds, bodies, and relationships. Are you stressed at work? What causes you stress at work? How do you handle it?

MindfulnessCelebrateMindfulWorkMonth is one way you can outsmart stress. It’s free and can be used by everyone because it is our birthright. Each of us is born with mindfulness, the ABILITY TO BE AWARE of what’s happening in the present moment. Mindfulness is also a practice that we can CHOOSE to PAY ATTENTION to what’s happening in our spirit, heart, mind, body and surroundings ON PURPOSE in the PRESENT MOMENT and WITHOUT JUDGMENT.

Did you know October is Mindful Work Month?

In 2018,  a group of mindfulness program leaders from companies including Aetna, Genentech, and LinkedIn launched the Mindful Workplace Alliance, website, and Mindful Work Month to fuel a game-changing movement of mindfulness in the workplace that promotes human flourishing. As a group, they develop and connect workplace mindfulness leaders, share best practices, and build community. Check out the Mindful Workplace Alliance’s free Mindfulness Challenge on the Insight Timer app.

Since it’s Mindful Work Month, I encourage you to practice mindfulness to manage your stress at work. Here are five tips you can use.

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Tip #1: Make your breath your BFF is probably my all-time favorite tip. It simply means take a deep breath before you get out of bed, eat your breakfast, brush your teeth, bathe and dress for the day, head out on your commute to work, check your email, make a phone call, etc. If you want to add 1 or more deep breaths to your practice, go for it! The more you breathe mindfully, the more present you become to yourself and others.


Tip #2: Set an intention is all about taking control of your day. Before you get to work or when you enter and settle into your workspace, take a moment to be still with a few deep breaths. Next, ask yourself how you want to show up at work (the qualities you want to express). Think about the kind of a day you want to experience (peaceful, harmonious, or productive). Use your reflections to set an intention. It could be as simple as “I am peaceful and calm at work today. I experience harmony in all of my interactions.”

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Tip #3: Be a single tasker! That means focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking decreases your mind’s ability to stay focused. Need more proof? Check out this article: 4 Mindfulness Fundamentals To Transform Your Leadership: The Incredible Myth Of Multitasking by Janice Marturano.

Tip #4: Start your meetings with a mindful moment. Invite your team to close their eyes or lower their gaze with their eyes open and breathe 1-7 times as they settle in. Allow yourself and team a moment to settle in and focus before the meeting starts.


Tip #5: Breathe first and then speak. It’s called a mindful pause. Allow yourself space to listen to what your colleagues are saying. Then breathe before you respond.

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If you need help getting started, I have included several episodes of my Thriving Mindfully Podcast below. Go here to check out more Thriving Mindfully Podcast episodes.

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For more help, sign up for my online meditation classes and mindfulness workshops in October. Check out my full schedule of events for the rest of 2019 here.

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