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For the past two decades, I have spoken about the following topics at conferences and events sponsored by AT&T, Automattic/WordPress, Allied Media Projects/ZEAL Press, American University School of Communication, Association of Wedding Professional of Greater Washington, DC, Black Bloggers Connect, Blogalicious, BlogHer, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Executive Women International, Holy Cross Hospital, Howard University, InsightLA, Insight Meditation Community of Washington, DC, Institute for Medicaid Innovation, Keela, Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media, Liv by Advantia Health, Marisla Foundation, Metropolitan Baptist Church, National Association of Corporate Directors, Nonprofit Technology Network, Serve DC, Sierra Club, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Smith Center for Healing and the Arts, Society for the Arts in Healthcare, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Spelman College, The Conference Board, Unity of Washington, DC, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Washington Hospital Center, Washington National Cathedral’s Sacred Circles Conference, Web of Change, and YWCA USA:

  • Career Reinvention
  • Creativity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Reiki
  • Self-Care
  • Social Media
  • Tech Life Balance and Digital Wellness
  • Wellness
  • Writing
  • Yoga

I am available to speak and train virtually and in-person at your next conference and event, and for digital, print, radio, and television interviews. Contact me {ananda@anandaleeke.com} to discuss how we can work together.


In-Person and Virtual Trainings and Workshops

Here’s a sample of my in-person and virtual trainings and workshops. I am happy to work with you and your team to design and deliver a training and/or workshop series that meets your needs.

Mindful Technology

Digital Storytelling

  • 7 Social Media Secrets of Digital Storytelling: During the training, I will discuss how stories connect people, what they cause them to reflect on, the various ways businesses and nonprofit organizations can tell stories with visual images and sound recordings, and the best source of stories.

Social Media Presence

  • Upgrade Your Social Media Presence: When you think of your social media presence, do you automatically become overwhelmed? Is it the last thing on your list of priorities? Do your online profiles need a facelift? Are you wondering how you will carve out time to do social media with a jam-packed schedule? Are you wanting to expand your online network or share your expertise with a larger audience? Join me for an interactive training that will help you design a social media roadmap with action steps for creating and maintaining your personal brand, establishing and demonstrating thought leadership, and utilizing time management to avoid digital burnout.

Social Media for Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations

  • Build and Execute Your Business and/or Organizations’ Social Media Mindfully: Technology is evolving at an astounding rate and making it easier for businesses and nonprofit organizations to use social media to tell their stories, promote campaigns, build and engage communities, recruit employees and volunteers, fundraise, and communicate with stakeholders. The fast pace of social media can make nonprofit organizations think they must use numerous tools, share tons of content, and react immediately. Mindful social media is one way businesses and nonprofit organizations can take a step back and identify healthier ways to communicate online. It is defined as having a healthy relationship with the content, tools, and communities that a business and/or organization interacts with online. During the training, I lead you in setting an intention that outlines the why and how your business or organization chooses to communicate online. You will also receive tips on how to align content with your business and organization’s mission and resources (staff, time, tools, and budget).


Mindful Living

Meditation, Mindfulness, and Movement

  • Wellness 101: Are you a newbie to meditation, mindfulness, and yoga? In this beginner’s workshop, I give you the fundamental skills to bring awareness, balance, and calm into your life. I teach a simple, effective sitting meditation practice and other mindfulness tools that will help you outsmart stress, improve concentration, and increase productivity. This workshop is interactive and incorporates hands-on practice, guided meditations, breathing and gentle (eye, hand, mouth, chair, and office) yoga exercises. It can be tailored to meet your physical needs and schedule.


  • Create A Self-Care Toolkit: Is your stress level rising? Do you feel out of balance at home and work? Fret no more! I am just what the doctor ordered. I will lead a training session filled with deep breathing exercises, meditation, office yoga, journaling, and self-care practices to enhance your life and career.

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Mindful Creativity


  • Open Your Heart to Mindful Creativity: When’s the last time you allowed yourself the space to dream, imagine, and create something that inspired a deep feeling of peace, play, and fulfillment? Wait no more. During this training, I will give you an opportunity to explore your inner archetypes (or personalities) and the role they play in your creativity through writing exercises and discussion. The takeaways include ways to tap into your intuition, imagination, and nurturing energy as growth opportunities.

Life Vision 

  • Create A Vision for Your Life: Do you have a vision for your life? What does your best life look like? Join me for an interactive training that uses meditation, breathing and office yoga exercises, journaling, and vision boards to create your life vision and action steps to make it a reality.


  • From Blog to Book: How Blogging Can Launch Your Writing Career: I will discuss how creating and sustaining a blog can help you develop a consistent writing practice, overcome writer’s block, and build and engage an audience for your work.


Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs

  • Mindfulness Hacks for Entrepreneurs: Building a business is a courageous and creative act of self-determination. It can also be a stressful experience filled with a never-ending to-do list, limiting resources, and extreme pressure to succeed. Mindfulness is a human birthright that allows us to become aware of what’s happening inside and outside of ourselves. It becomes a practice when we choose to pay attention to what’s happening in the present moment and without judgment. Mindfulness is one way to transform the entrepreneurial journey into a growth opportunity that helps outsmart stress, reduce anxiety, and improve focus, communication skills, and productivity. Come learn how to slow down and reclaim mindfulness as your birthright and create mindful moments that will help you take better care of yourself and business.

Mindfulness for Lawyers and Law Students

  • Building Resilience to Stress in Your Law Career and Law School Journey: As a lawyer or law student, do you feel overworked? Are you living in a state of heavy stress? Are you losing sleep, easily distracted, or unable to focus? Do you face an abundance of external pressures, multitask at lightening speed, or rarely pay attention to what is happening inside of yourself? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I invite you to explore mindfulness with me in a training that will help you transform stress into resiliency and improve concentration, communication skills, and productivity. In this workshop, I introduce the benefits of mindfulness and lead guided meditations and mindful exercises that can be easily incorporated into daily life. It can be tailored to meet your physical needs and schedule.

Mindful at Work 

  • Be Mindful at Work: Do you experience high levels of stress in your workplace? With my support, you will learn how you to practice mini mindful meditations that will help you outsmart stress. You will also learn how to go from reaction to response with mindfulness in your conversations, e-mails, and meetings with colleagues and clients. Tips on how to use mindfulness to manage your time, lead a meeting, creatively solve problems, and overcome digital distraction will be provided.
  • Mindful Communication and Compassion in the Workplace: How do you communicate what you need from your team? How do you navigate conflict in the workplace? In this training, I will help you and your team explore a pathway to understanding different communication styles to reduce conflict and stress. You will also learn tips and receive resources on how to promote compassionate dialogue and navigate conflict.

Mindful Leadership

  • Become A Mindful Leader in Your Life: Do you consider yourself a leader in your family, community, or workplace? What about in your own life? Allow me to help you open your heart and go within to explore your identity as a mindful leader. You will participate in meditation, intention setting, journaling exercises, and group discussion.


Photo Credits: Damany Campbell, Lucia Effros and Leigh Mosley 


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