A Mindful Cup of Tea Podcast on Practicing Loving Kindness

Ananda at the London Buddhist Meditation Centre, 2007
The past week in the United States has been filled with a lot of emotions and change as a result of the elections. How are you doing? Are you taking great care of yourself? Are you being lovng and kind to yourself? Take a moment to listen to the third episode of A Mindful Cup of Tea podcast that features a reflection on using your breath to connect with your spirit and open your heart to loving kindness. Click on the arrow below to hear the podcast.



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Headed to Mindful Leadership Summit on November 4 and 5


My weekend is going to be MINDFUL!


I am headed to the Mindful Leadership Summit. I’ll be working with Meico Whitlock, Founder and CEO of Mindful Techie, on the Summit’s social media. Be sure to follow the conversation on Twitter @mindfulsummit and #mindfulsummit. Also, follow @anandaleeke on Instagram and Twitter.

Photo Credit: mindfulleader.org

Mindful Mornings

Mindfulness is a gift we give to ourselves. The gift is wrapped in the intention of slowing down and becoming present through our breath. Deep breathing creates space within ourselves to experience awareness, balance, and calm. I call them the ABCs of mindfulness and yoga.

Some of my best mindful moments have come from morning walks in my U Street neighborhood. Today, I took deep breaths as I walked slowly and allowed my five senses to explore the beauty of the sky, the coolness of the air touching  my skin, the urban traffic symphony, the facial expressions of my fellow pedestrians, and so much more. I found myself making more eye contact with people, smiling more, and saying good morning. Guess what? I felt more connected to myself and others. What happens when you slow down and become present?

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Mindful Social Media at the White House 

Halloween at the White House was filled with lots of treats including one for social media professionals like yours truly: the announcement of the Obama administration’s digital transition plan that outlined how the presidential transition will work after having the first-ever social media POTUS in U.S. history.

After reading the WhiteHouse.gov blog about the plan, the phrase mindful social media came to mind. Why? The plan is well-thought-out. It reflects a high level of awareness of the present state of  the Obama administration’s digital footprint and how it can be accessed in the future. Read more here.

What do you think about the plan?