Happy Internet Geek Tuesday – Do Know About Amy Jo Martin’s ReadySetPause.com?

Photo Credit: http://renegadeswritetherules.com
Photo Credit: http://renegadeswritetherules.com

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

Today, I’d like to share a discovery I made while reading Digital Royalty founder Amy Jo Martin‘s book, Renegades Write The Rules: How the Digital Royalty Use Social Media to Innovate in July.

Photo Credit: ReadySetPause.com
Photo Credit: ReadySetPause.com

It’s called Ready, Set, Pause, a social movement that encourages individuals to take an eight-minute ‘pause’ in their daily lives. Did you know that by taking a daily pause, you lower stress as well as increase productivity, creativity, and overall well-being?

unplug1The pause reminded me of my “Flowista” unplugging practices and Digital Sisterhood Unplugged Weekends. So I tried it and discovered it does in fact work. I have also recommended the practice to my coaching and yoga clients. Click here to watch Martin discuss the movement and mindful self-care practice.

Are you under a lot of stress each day while using your digital devices?

Are looking for a way to take better care of yourself?

If you answered YES, I encourage you to try the Ready, Set, Pause. To learn more about the practice and movement, follow @ReadySetPause on Twitter and use the #readysetpause hashtag to share your experiences with the RSP community on social media sites.

Happy Unplugging!

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