Happy Internet Geek Tuesday – Do Know About Amy Jo Martin’s ReadySetPause.com?

Photo Credit: http://renegadeswritetherules.com
Photo Credit: http://renegadeswritetherules.com

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

Today, I’d like to share a discovery I made while reading Digital Royalty founder Amy Jo Martin‘s book, Renegades Write The Rules: How the Digital Royalty Use Social Media to Innovate in July.

Photo Credit: ReadySetPause.com
Photo Credit: ReadySetPause.com

It’s called Ready, Set, Pause, a social movement that encourages individuals to take an eight-minute ‘pause’ in their daily lives. Did you know that by taking a daily pause, you lower stress as well as increase productivity, creativity, and overall well-being?

unplug1The pause reminded me of my “Flowista” unplugging practices and Digital Sisterhood Unplugged Weekends. So I tried it and discovered it does in fact work. I have also recommended the practice to my coaching and yoga clients. Click here to watch Martin discuss the movement and mindful self-care practice.

Are you under a lot of stress each day while using your digital devices?

Are looking for a way to take better care of yourself?

If you answered YES, I encourage you to try the Ready, Set, Pause. To learn more about the practice and movement, follow @ReadySetPause on Twitter and use the #readysetpause hashtag to share your experiences with the RSP community on social media sites.

Happy Unplugging!

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday! 4/16


Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

Talkshoe.com is a podcast tool that makes my life easy. It’s free to use and requires very little technical know-how.  I have been using Talkshoe to host Internet radio shows since 2008. Currently, I host the Digital Sisterhood Radio show which will begin its 2013 season later this year.

Do you listen to or host podcasts?

What are your favorite podcasts?

If you are thinking about launching a podcast, click here to read my 14 tips. Also, I encourage you to read my blog post that discusses the nine benefits of podcasting. Click here to check out my Podcasting 101 Pinterest board. I created it last year for a Podcasting 101 panel I moderated during  the BlogHer conference in New York City.

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday! 4/9

Photo Credit: January O'Neil
Photo Credit: January O’Neil

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

When I started blogging about my poetry, January Gill O’Neil a/k/a The Poet Mom was one of the first people I met online. Her Poet Mom blog inspired me to take risks with my poems. She made blogging about poetry COOL.

Watch a video of her reading her poem, “What Mommy Wants.”

Check out her debut poetry collection, Underlife.

Follow her on Twitter @januaryoneil.

Do you have a favorite poetry blogger?


Happy Internet Geek Tuesday! 4/2


Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

It’s National Poetry Month! One of the places I like to visit during the month is Poets.org. It offers a new poem each day. You can even have it emailed to you. Click here to sign up.

Are you a poetry lover? Who are your favorite poets? Where do you go online to read poetry?

Photo Credit: Tim'm T. West, www.reddirt.biz
Photo Credit: Tim’m T. West, http://www.reddirt.biz

I love reading the poetry of Tim’m T. West, an amazing activist,author, educator, feminist, hip hop artist, poet, scholar, and singer. I met Tim’m while he was hosting The Front Porch, a monthly poetry reading series at Mocha Hut, a cafe located on U Street in Washington, D.C (closed in 2009). He encouraged me to participate in The Front Porch monthly readings.

Photo Credit: Tim'm T. West, www.reddirt.biz
Photo Credit: Tim’m T. West, http://www.reddirt.biz

His creative energy, friendship, music, poetry, and poetical memoir, Red Dirt Revival: A Poetic Memoir In Six Breaths, inspired me to write and publish my own poetical memoir, That Which Awakens Me. Take a moment and click here to watch a video of Tim’m performing his creative work at the Front Porch in 2007. Also, click here to watch a 2009 video of my poem dedicated to him.  Enjoy!

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday! 3/26

Young and the Restless logo
Young and the Restless logo

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

Do you watch television programs online?

Young & the Restless is one of the shows I watch regularly on CBS.com. I’ve been a fan since the early 1970s. My Aunt Paulyne used to watch the show. That’s how I got hooked!

The Internet Geek inside of me really likes that I can tune into the show at anytime during the week. I also like to follow the show on Twitter for updates.

I recently discovered the Y&R Critic Fan blog which offers some interesting perspectives on the characters and storylines. Click here to read the blog.

PS: I started decluttering my home in 2004 and ended up donating my color television. Since then, my Internet connection via my laptop and Netflix keep me in touch with television land. Visits to television-friendly homes owned by family and friends also keep me updated!

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday! 3/19

Photo Credit: AlizaSherman.com
Photo Credit: AlizaSherman.com

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

Who do you learn from the most online?

Aliza Sherman is one of my greatest digital teachers. Aliza’s specialities include Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Engagement, Social Mobile Apps Marketing, Mobile Marketing Integration, QR Code Campaigns, Strategic Content Marketing, Social Network Management, and Crowdsourcing. I think she is a “Digital Diva” pioneer. I learn so much from her weekly e-newsletter that is filled with digital wisdom and treats. You can learn more too if you click here to register for her newsletter.

Aliza Sherman at BlogHer 2010
Aliza Sherman at BlogHer 2010

I admire and appreciate her commitment to making sure women and girls are empowered through technology. In 1995, she made digital “herstory” when she built the first websites for women: Cybergrrl.com, Webgrrls.com, and Femina.com (they preceded Women.com and iVillage.com). I’ve been a fan of hers ever since I discovered her book, cybergrrl! A Woman’s guide to the World Wide Web.

cybergrrl! A Woman's guide to the World Wide Web by Aliza Sherman
cybergrrl! A Woman’s guide to the World Wide Web by Aliza Sherman

In 2009, I met her for the first time at the Blogalicious Weekend Conference in Atlanta. Later that year, I interviewed her on Digital Sisterhood Radio. The next year, I had a chance to reconnect with her at the BlogHer conference in New York City. In 2011, I attended her Mobile Marketing session at Blogalicious in the National Harbor in Maryland. Her presentation was engaging and inspired me to dream about developing a series of content apps to support my books (I’m still dreaming!!!).

Crowdsourcing by Aliza Sherman
Crowdsourcing by Aliza Sherman

Right after Blogalicious, I purchased her book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Crowdsourcing. It convinced me to use a small community of digital sisters to crowdsource logo designs and badges for the Digital Sisterhood Network in 2012. It worked! Click here to see the fantastic badges and logo created by Dariela Cruz.

Social Media Engagement For Dummies byAliza Sherman and , Danielle Smith
Social Media Engagement For Dummies by
Aliza Sherman and , Danielle Smith

This summer, Aliza and her writing partner, Danielle Smith, founder of Danielle Smith Media will release their book, Social Media Engagement For Dummies (For Dummies. To learn more about her, visit www.alizasherman.com and follow her on Twitter @alizasherman.

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday – Woman-Centered and Created Webisodes & Web Stations – 3/12

RoomieLoverFriends webisode created by Dennis Dortch and Numa Perrier
RoomieLoverFriends webisode created by Dennis Dortch and Numa Perrier

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!


Last year, I fell in love with Black & Sexy TV’s Roomieloverfriends webisode series created by Numa Perrier and Dennis Dortch. Issa Rae is serving as the executive producer. The actors are Shayla Hale and Andra Fuller.

Roomieloverfriends photo of characters Tomiko and Jay
Roomieloverfriends photo of characters Tomiko and Jay

Roomieloverfriends tells the story of two roommates, Tomiko, a twentysomething woman, and Jay, a twentysomething man. They end up sleeping together which complicates their relationship and dating experiences. The storylines are Love Jones juicy! Click here to watch Season One.

FYI: The Black & Sexy TV team used indiegogo as a crowdfunding tool to raise money over $16,000 to develop Season Two.

I am also a HUGE fan of web-based programming created by and about women. Since it’s National Women’s History Month, I have included a list of some of my favorite webisodes, web-based programs, and web destinations/stations. Please share your favorites in the comment section below.

My Favorites (not all are mentioned)

  • Afro City TV webisode series by Rhonda Ray and Lobace Stoll
  • AHSHE webisode series (season 1 and 2 — won the 2012 LA Web Festival’s award for Outstanding Achievement in the Soap Opera Category) by Toni Odom (my Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority sister!!!!)
  • Bestsellers dramedy webisode series by Susan Miller (series completed)
  • Between Women dramedy webisode series by Michelle A. Daniel (season 1 completed and catch season 2 beginning March 12)
  • Blind Date comedy webisode series by Melanie Hamilton (series completed)Celeste Bright drama webisode series by Sonya Steele (series completed)
  • Chic Rebellion TV (web TV network that develops, produces, distributes and syndicates original web series programming for women of color) by Elayne Fluker
  • Digital Chick TV (web community created to connect women to online programming that also provides original programming and information on the women within the digital industry) by Daryn Strauss
  • Downsized comedy webisode series (season 1 and 2 completed) by Daryn Strauss
  • Downtown Girls comedy webisode series by Emebeit Beyene, Crystal Boyd, Chivonne Michelle and Chandra Russell (visit the web site too! — currently showing new episodes and using indiegogo to raise funds)
  • Everything’s Coming Up Ro-ses comedy webisode series by Roetta Collins 
  • Friday Girl TV (web station) by Ashia Sims and Sabrina Harvey
  • Good People in Love drama webisode series by Tina Cesa Ward (series completed)
  • HELLO CUPID comedy webisode series by Ashley Blaine Featherson and Lena Waithe (currently airs new episodes on Black & Sexy TV)
  • Jenifer Lewis and Shangela comedy webisode series produced by Jenifer Lewis with The Collaboration Factory
  • Kindred drama webisode series by Jessica Hartley, Maureen Aladin, and Ella Turenne (series completed)
  • milk & honey drama webisode series by Dana Gills, Asha Kamali
    May and Jeanette McDuffie (series completed)
  • Mingle Media TV, an indie interactive entertainment network by Stephanie Piche (The network broadcasts celebrity interviews and reviews, lifestyle and indie live stream, produced and scripted web TV series entertainment programming.)
  • The Couple comedy webisode series (season 1 completed and season 2 just started again) by Jeanine Daniels, Dennis Dortch, and Numa Perrier of Black & Sexy TV
  • The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl comedy webisode series (season 1 and 2 completed) by Issa Rae
  • The Power Object comedy webisode series by Claire-Dee Lim (series completed)
  • The Real Girls Guide to Everything Else comedy webisode series by Carmen Elena Mitchell (season 1 completed — Check out the blog too! In 2010, the series won the Audience Choice Award from the HollyShorts Film Festival and actress Robin Dalea was also recognized at the L.A. Web Festival as the best lead actress in a comedy.)
  • The Slutty Years comedy webisode series by Amy Aniobi (currently airs new episodes)
  • Tickles TV (web destination/station with original programming) by Haj (my favorite is a series of videos featuring Funnel Cake Flowers, the Urban Chameleon news reporter)
  • Unwritten Rules comedy webisode series by Kim Williams (season 1 complete and gearing up for season 2)
  • WIGS YouTube Channel (original series, short films, and documentaries starring female leads and often written by women; One of my favorite series, BLUE with actress Julia Stiles begins its second season with 26 episodes on March 15)

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday! 3/5

Ananda@16thandU: Lifestylista in Love with DC blog
Ananda@16thandU: Lifestylista in Love with DC blog

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

Guess what I am doing this month? I’m finally starting to blog about my lifestylista adventures in neighborhoods located in Washington, D.C. Click here to read my first post for 2013 on my Tumblr blog, Ananda@16thandU: Lifestylista in Love with DC.

I have included some information about my lifestyle blog below. Enjoy!

Why Did I Relaunch My Tumblr Blog?

For more than 20 years, I have been a resident of the historic U Street neighborhood in Washington, D.C. During this period of time, U Street has nurtured my expression and growth as an artist, author, coach, yoga teacher, and innerpreneur. While I was writing Digital Sisterhood: A Memoir of Fierce Living Online (2013), I had a chance to reflect on how much I adore D.C. neighborhoods and the roles they have played in my novel, Love’s Troubadours: Karma – Book One, and my creative memoir, That Which Awakens Me. That’s when I realized how much I wanted to express my passion for living in D.C. My passion turned into a full-blown blog idea after I attended Fashion Night Out DC in my Adams Morgan and U Street neighborhoods with my digital sister Brea Ellis, founder of What I Wore: tip to toe blog in September 2012.

What Will My Lifestyle Blog Feature?

My lifestyle blog will feature audio recordings, photos, reflections, stories, and videos that document my #eatshopplay adventures in D.C. neighborhoods including Adams Morgan, Capitol Hill, Cleveland Park, Columbia Heights, Dupont Circle, Friendship Heights, Logan Circle, Mount Pleasant, Petworth, Shaw, Tenleytown, and U Street. Some blog posts will discuss how I take a part of my DC neighborhoods with me when I travel to other cities. A few will include memories from my DC experiences over the past 20+ years.

What Is A Lifestylista?

A Lifestylista is a woman who lives her life as a work of art; expresses it through her passion for beauty, entertaining, fashion, food, home décor, personal style, and travel; and inspires others to live their lives as works of art.

Excerpt from Digital Sisterhood: A Memoir of Fierce Living Online (2013)

How Often Will Blog Posts Be Published?

My blog posting schedule is organic! That means I will post when I have something fun to share!




Happy Internet Geek Tuesday! 2/26


Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

Today, I am reflecting on digitalundivided’s FOCUS100 Symposium that was held on October 6, 2012, at Oglivy & Mather’s World headquarters in New York City.

digitalundivided is a social enterprise that builds forward thinking initiatives that fundamentally change the digital space by increasing the number of Black and Latino women digital entrepreneurs. It was established by Kathryn Finney, Editor-At-Large at BlogHer, Inc and CEO of TBF Group, LLC, parent company of The Budget Fashionista brand, in 2012.

I served as a FOCUS100 advisory board member. My Digital Sisterhood Network was a media partner for the event.

Me at Focus100
Me at Focus100

My digital sister and PR coach Xina Eiland attended the event with me. Some of my key moments included:

1) Reconnecting with my digital sisters, Luvvie Ajayi, Cheryl Contee, Dr. Goddess, Elisa Camahort Page, Susan Getgood, Shireen Mitchell, and Felicia Pride.

2) Meeting some of my favorite digital sisters such as Dupe Ajayi, Marcia Wade Talbert, Majora Carter, Elayne Fluker, and Sian Morson for the first time in real life (gotta love IRL).

Ananda and Majora Carter at FOCUS100
Ananda and Majora Carter at FOCUS100
Elayne Fluker, Xina Eiland, and Ananda at FOCUS100
Elayne Fluker, Xina Eiland, and Ananda at FOCUS100

3) Connecting with some of my favorite digital brothers such as Mike Street and  “ILUVBlackWomen” Martin Johnson Pratt for the first time in real life.

4) Feeling Majora Carter’s gratitude as she shared how powerful it was to be in the room with so many amazing Black women during her morning keynote.

5) Gathering wisdom from Mayor Cory A. Booker’s afternoon keynote.

Kathryn Finney and Mayor Cory Booker at FOCUS100
Kathryn Finney and Mayor Cory Booker at FOCUS100

6) Hugging #FOCUS100 team members Nichelle Stephens and Alisha Miranda.

7) Chatting with Kailei Richardson, a Chicago-based entrepreneur, about her lifestyle site, Vyneworld.com.

8) Gaining pearls of wisdom during panel discussions featuring Monif Clarke, founder of Monif C Plus Sizes; Ella Gorgla, founder of I-ELLA; Heather Hines, founder of Pathbrite; Kelly Hoey, co-founder of Women Innovate Mobile; Deborah Jackson, co-founder of Women Innovate Mobile; Jess Moore, co-founder of StyleBook;  and Zuhairah Scott-Washington, founder of Kahnoodle (Focus100 Ptichcamp winner).

9) Sitting next to Rachel Brooks and learning about her Chicago-based tech company, CitizenMade.

10) Talking with Marcia Cole, founder of Ivy Digital, about meeting each other at Heart and Soul magazine in 2001 (Heart and Soul published an article about my life as an artist).

11) Having a deep sista-to-sista chat with Lena West, CEO of Influence Expansion,  in the break room (powerful and deep).

12) Listening to digitalundivided founder Kathryn Finney’s presentation of key trends, statistics, and emerging patterns regarding Black women’s engagement across a variety of technology sectors (amazing slides!).

Kathryn Finney's presentation slides at FOCUS100
Kathryn Finney’s presentation slides at FOCUS100
Kathryn Finney's presentation slides at FOCUS100
Kathryn Finney’s presentation slides at FOCUS100

13) Networking with several DC-based women entrepreneurs such as Ama Marfo, founder of Airfordable, a travel app (still in development). They reminded me that DC women entrepreneurs rock!

14) Chatting about popsicles and the Miami tech scene with Felecia Hatcher, founder of Black Tech Miami.

To learn more about the 2012 FOCUS100 events, check out digitialundividvided’s recap and read Marcia Wade Talbert’s article on BlackEnterprise.com. Click here to read the FOCUS100 speaker and mentor bios.

#InternetGeekTuesday Update – Ananda’s Social Media Week DC Schedule

Photo Credit; Social Media Week DC
Photo Credit; Social Media Week DC

Happy Social Media Week DC!

My Social Media Week DC adventures started yesterday with a visit to Judy’s Bar and Restaurant on 14th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. Although Judy’s is located in my neighborhood and I have walked past it many times, it took the DC Comedy Writers vs. Social Media event to bring me inside.

Photo Credit: Judy's Bar and Restaurant
Photo Credit: Judy’s Bar and Restaurant

Once I was inside, I realized I had been missing out on some great Latin American cuisine. Judy’s is just the kinda neighborhood spot I’ve been searching for. It’s not too big or too crowded. The scene is cozy with delicious drinks and food. The margaritas will rock your world!

I attended the DC Comedy Writers vs. Social Media event for one reason only: TO LAUGH!!!! And guess what? I achieved my goal and learned how to write Instagram jokes with a creative team led by one of my digital brothers, Leon Scott, founder of ListenToLeon.net. I also witnessed the courage of several comedy writers try out their new work which focused on social media themes. If you missed the event, don’t fret. You can drop by Judy’s every Monday night at 8:30 p.m. to witness the creative storytelling efforts of the DC Comedy Writers. Click here to read a recent City Paper article about the group.

Photo Credit: SVELTE, LLC
Photo Credit: SVELTE, LLC

Starting tomorrow (which is #DigitalSisterhood Wednesday on Twitter — appropriate don’t you think?), I’ll be live tweeting from several Social Media Week DC events. See my schedule below. My live tweets will include key takeaways from sessions and photos of DC’s Tech Style. Be sure to follow me on @digitalsisterhd.  Also, follow @smwwdc and the hashtag #smwwdc to stay updated on all Social Media Week DC events.

Ananda’s Social Media Week DC Schedule:

Are you celebrating Social Media Week? What events are you attending or following on Twitter?

Enjoy #InternetGeekTuesday and Social Media Week!

Photo Credit: Allyson Kapin and Amy Sample Ward
Photo Credit: Allyson Kapin and Amy Sample Ward

PS: I am really excited about attending Allyson Kapin and Amy Sample Ward’s book launch party. Why? They are two of my digital diva sheroes!

FYI – Allyson was named 2012 Digital Sister of the Year – Empowerista.