Happy Yoga Monday! — My Home Yoga Practice

yogainternationalHappy Yoga Monday!

Have you visited YogaInternational.com? It’s filled with a variety of yoga resources. The site also offers a helpful guide for creating a home yoga practice that I think you might enjoy. The guide shares the four benefits for creating a home practice. They include self-knowledge, self-help, self-indulgence, an exponential growth. I totally agree!


When I started practicing yoga in my home in 1995 after I attended my first yoga class during an African American studies trip to Egypt, I hired a private yoga teacher to guide me through the asanas (poses). Her name was Gloria. She was a kind, firm, loving, and knowledgeable woman I met in my monthly meditation group. She showed me how to embrace yoga as my own healing balm for anxiety, stress relief, and tight hips, hamstrings, and legs that needed stretching after my long runs. She showed me how yoga when paired with meditation could help me focus my energy on my creative projects. She pushed me to try poses I was afraid of (at the time I was afraid of downward facing dog) in my home practice. She encouraged me to take my yoga practice outside and into my local park.

yoga-me-malcolmxparkShe also taught me how to create a five-minute practice that includes seven deep breaths in a seated pose followed by child’s pose. When I have more time, I add in a few rounds of sun salutations, cat/cow, lots of standing forward folds, cobra, plank, twists, squats, pigeon, and alternative nostril breathing.

Photo Credit: Cyndi Lee
Photo Credit: Cyndi Lee

Cyndi Lee’s OM in a Box was one of the first resources I used to deepen my home yoga practice.

Photo Credit: Yoga Journal
Photo Credit: Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal is another resource I use. What does your home practice include?


I have created many collages over the years to remind me to practice yoga daily. What do you use as a yoga reminder?

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