Happy Internet Geek Tuesday! 2/12

Pinterest Logo
Pinterest Logo

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

Pinterest is probably my all-time favorite social media tool. I love looking at the beautiful images! My heart is filled with Pinterest joy when I share images and information on my 62 boards. Yes, I have 62 boards! My Internet Geek brain is tickled silly when I visit the Pinchat Facebook group and read stimulating posts written by various group members.

Photo Credit: Sistasense.com
Photo Credit: Sistasense.com

Last year, LaShanda Henry, SistaSense.com founder, invited me to speak about “Understanding Pinterest” for the SistaSense Power Circle Telesummit for Web Entrepreneurs. What an honor! In preparation for the Telesummit, I created an Understanding Pinterest board as a resource for participants. Creating the board helped me stay updated on the latest Pinterest articles, best practices, infographics, and trends. It helped me market the event and engage my audience on various social media platforms. I received a lot of positive feedback from my social media audience. Their feedback convinced me to create Pinterest resource boards for my future events, talks, and workshops.

Do you like Pinterest? Why?

What are your favorite Pinterest boards?

How do you stay updated on Pinterest trends and pinning wisdom?


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