Happy Internet Geek Tuesday: My Digital Resources for President Obama’s State of the Union Address


Happy Internet Geek Tuesday and 2014 State of the Union Address (in the United States)!

Today, I am headed to the White House to participate in the State of the Union Social (#SOTUSocial) with a talented group of social media influencers, leaders, and professionals. We will watch President Obama’s State of the Union (#SOTU) address together and live tweet our comments. After the President’s address, we’ll attend a panel discussion featuring White House officials. During the panel, we will be able to ask questions. So please send me your questions via Twitter @anandaleeke.

To prepare for the State of the Union, I created three digital resources.

  • Pinterest State of the Union Social Board featuring articles, blogs, photos, videos, and other information related to President Obama’s 2014 #SOTU address
  • State of the Union Social Twitter List featuring my fellow #SOTUSocial attendees
  • White House State of the Union Twitter List featuring newspapers, political news sources, journalists, organizations that serve women and people of color, and Congressional representatives that I admire and respect


Are you preparing for the #SOTU?


What digital resources are you using?

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Happy Internet Geek Tuesday! 2/12

Pinterest Logo
Pinterest Logo

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

Pinterest is probably my all-time favorite social media tool. I love looking at the beautiful images! My heart is filled with Pinterest joy when I share images and information on my 62 boards. Yes, I have 62 boards! My Internet Geek brain is tickled silly when I visit the Pinchat Facebook group and read stimulating posts written by various group members.

Photo Credit: Sistasense.com
Photo Credit: Sistasense.com

Last year, LaShanda Henry, SistaSense.com founder, invited me to speak about “Understanding Pinterest” for the SistaSense Power Circle Telesummit for Web Entrepreneurs. What an honor! In preparation for the Telesummit, I created an Understanding Pinterest board as a resource for participants. Creating the board helped me stay updated on the latest Pinterest articles, best practices, infographics, and trends. It helped me market the event and engage my audience on various social media platforms. I received a lot of positive feedback from my social media audience. Their feedback convinced me to create Pinterest resource boards for my future events, talks, and workshops.

Do you like Pinterest? Why?

What are your favorite Pinterest boards?

How do you stay updated on Pinterest trends and pinning wisdom?


BlogHer 2012 Women and Social Media Study

Photo Credit: BlogHer 2012 Study

Yesterday I learned that BlogHer published its 2012 study of women and social media. What timing! I was hoping the study would come out in time for me to include in my last chapter of my Digital Sisterhood book. The Internet geek in me is jumping for joy. Time to read the study and learn more about digital sisters!

  • Click here to see the BlogHer SlideShare presentation.
  • Click here to read more about the BlogHer 2012 Study.

Ananda is speaking about Pinterest during 3/1 SistaSense Power Circle Telesummit for Web Entrepreneurs

Great news! I will be speaking about “New Media Marketing: Understanding Pinterest” at the SistaSense Power Circle Telesummit for Web Entrepreneurs on March 1 from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm ET.  The Telesummit features 12 sessions with amazing speakers.  Check out the fantastic video.  Click here to learn more about the all-day event. You will also need to register and pay $45 (early registration fee) for the event. It is a great investment! Many thanks to LaShanda Henry for including me in her SistaSense Telesummit series.

2/29 Update: Here’s a link for my Pinterest resource board for my talk on understanding Pinterest. Enjoy!


Ananda’s #BlissDom12 Conference Pinterest Treats for BlissDom Attendees: Fierce Living From Your Creative Heart

Ananda's 2012 Creative Heart Mantra Statement

The #BlissDom12 Conference is two days away.  I AM SO EXCITED!!! It’s my first BlissDom experience!  I am gonna have big fun meeting new people, seeing old blogging friends, networking with brands, hanging out at the great events, listening to the keynote speakers, and learning a lot about video and photography from some amazing speakers.  I am also facilitating a workshop session on “Fierce Living from Your Creative Heart” on February 24 from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm.

Happy to be going to BLISSDOM
In preparation for the session, I created a Pinterest board with 40 different pins that include photos, images, videos, and links to creative inspiration and information that I hope will encourage my workshop attendees to open their hearts and embrace fierce living.  Each pin includes a question that invites reflection and comments.  To learn more about what’s on my #BlissDom12 Fierce Living from Your Creative Heart Pinterest Board, click here to listen to my Cinchcast audio blog.  Feel free to check out my board and leave a comment.  If you are unable to attend my session and/or #BlissDom12, you can still use my Pinterest board as a source of inspiration in your creative life Enjoy!
Love's Troubadours by Ananda Leeke

PS: I will be signing copies of my novel, Love’s Troubadours – Karma: Book One on February 25 at 11:00 am at the Barnes & Nobles booth at BlissDom. If you are in Nashville, drop by.  Click here to purchase the book on Amazon.com.