Friendly Reminder – Celebrate Yoga Day USA with Ananda by taking her 2 free online yoga classes on January 20 and 23.

Happy Wednesday!

Happy First Year Anniversary to President BarackObama and First Lady Michelle Obama!

Last year I was standing on the grounds of the Lincoln Memorial watching President Obama get sworn in.  That day was filled with so much hope and joy.  I shared it with my brother Mark and sisters Lu and Sylvia, and folks from all over America.  My prayer is that we work together as a country to make America what it can be under the leadership of President Obama.  We have got seven more years to make things happen.  I say seven because I am affirming President Obama’s re-election in 2012!

Today I am sharing information about two free online yoga classes I am teaching to celebrate Yoga Day USA (, an annual campaign created by the Yoga Alliance ( that strives to make yoga more accessible. My class schedule is below.

January 20, 8-8:30pm EST – kg yoga life practices (every 3rd Wednesday of each month) on MomTV –

January 23, 9-9:15am EST –

The classes will focus on the practice of karuna (Sanskrit word that means compassion).  They will also honor the people of Haiti and everyone affected by the January 12th earthquake.  If you like the classes and learn something that helps you, please consider adopting the Charter for Compassion ( in your daily life and making a donation to Doctors Without Borders, an international humanitarian organization that is working to make the lives of Haitians better.  Visit to learn more and make a donation.

Enjoy your week!

Peace, Creativity, Compassion, and Healing OMs to the people of Haiti,


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