Happy Internet Geek Tuesday! 4/9

Photo Credit: January O'Neil
Photo Credit: January O’Neil

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

When I started blogging about my poetry, January Gill O’Neil a/k/a The Poet Mom was one of the first people I met online. Her Poet Mom blog inspired me to take risks with my poems. She made blogging about poetry COOL.

Watch a video of her reading her poem, “What Mommy Wants.”

Check out her debut poetry collection, Underlife.

Follow her on Twitter @januaryoneil.

Do you have a favorite poetry blogger?


Happy Internet Geek Tuesday! 3/26

Young and the Restless logo
Young and the Restless logo

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

Do you watch television programs online?

Young & the Restless is one of the shows I watch regularly on CBS.com. I’ve been a fan since the early 1970s. My Aunt Paulyne used to watch the show. That’s how I got hooked!

The Internet Geek inside of me really likes that I can tune into the show at anytime during the week. I also like to follow the show on Twitter for updates.

I recently discovered the Y&R Critic Fan blog which offers some interesting perspectives on the characters and storylines. Click here to read the blog.

PS: I started decluttering my home in 2004 and ended up donating my color television. Since then, my Internet connection via my laptop and Netflix keep me in touch with television land. Visits to television-friendly homes owned by family and friends also keep me updated!

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday! 3/19

Photo Credit: AlizaSherman.com
Photo Credit: AlizaSherman.com

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

Who do you learn from the most online?

Aliza Sherman is one of my greatest digital teachers. Aliza’s specialities include Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Engagement, Social Mobile Apps Marketing, Mobile Marketing Integration, QR Code Campaigns, Strategic Content Marketing, Social Network Management, and Crowdsourcing. I think she is a “Digital Diva” pioneer. I learn so much from her weekly e-newsletter that is filled with digital wisdom and treats. You can learn more too if you click here to register for her newsletter.

Aliza Sherman at BlogHer 2010
Aliza Sherman at BlogHer 2010

I admire and appreciate her commitment to making sure women and girls are empowered through technology. In 1995, she made digital “herstory” when she built the first websites for women: Cybergrrl.com, Webgrrls.com, and Femina.com (they preceded Women.com and iVillage.com). I’ve been a fan of hers ever since I discovered her book, cybergrrl! A Woman’s guide to the World Wide Web.

cybergrrl! A Woman's guide to the World Wide Web by Aliza Sherman
cybergrrl! A Woman’s guide to the World Wide Web by Aliza Sherman

In 2009, I met her for the first time at the Blogalicious Weekend Conference in Atlanta. Later that year, I interviewed her on Digital Sisterhood Radio. The next year, I had a chance to reconnect with her at the BlogHer conference in New York City. In 2011, I attended her Mobile Marketing session at Blogalicious in the National Harbor in Maryland. Her presentation was engaging and inspired me to dream about developing a series of content apps to support my books (I’m still dreaming!!!).

Crowdsourcing by Aliza Sherman
Crowdsourcing by Aliza Sherman

Right after Blogalicious, I purchased her book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Crowdsourcing. It convinced me to use a small community of digital sisters to crowdsource logo designs and badges for the Digital Sisterhood Network in 2012. It worked! Click here to see the fantastic badges and logo created by Dariela Cruz.

Social Media Engagement For Dummies byAliza Sherman and , Danielle Smith
Social Media Engagement For Dummies by
Aliza Sherman and , Danielle Smith

This summer, Aliza and her writing partner, Danielle Smith, founder of Danielle Smith Media will release their book, Social Media Engagement For Dummies (For Dummies. To learn more about her, visit www.alizasherman.com and follow her on Twitter @alizasherman.

Internet Safety Month: June 28th Discussion with @TechSavvyMama Leticia Barr & “America’s Most Wanted” John Walsh

Hi Everyone!

Did you know National Internet Safety Month is observed in June?

This year the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), a non-profit public-private partnership focused on cybersecurity awareness and education for all digital citizens, launched a “STOP. THINK. CONNECT.” campaign to encourage Internet users to slow down, be mindful, and think about how they interact and communicate with others online. NCSA’s campaign also encourages adults to teach a young person about better online safety so that they use good judgment and behavior in their digital life.

When I first learned about NCSA’s “STOP. THINK. CONNECT.” campaign, I thought about the digital footprint of my fabulous and creative niece who is a digital native, a recent high school graduate, and a soon-to-be college “fresh-woman.” I wondered what she knew about being safe online and protecting her digital footprint. So I called and chatted with her about the importance of being safe online, making smart choices on what she posts online, and promoting a positive self-image in her digital life. I also told her that I would continue to check in with her throughout her college experience to make sure she is managing her digital activities in a responsible manner.

America’s Most Wanted chatting with women bloggers at Internet Safety Discussion
Cox Communications PR professional Stephanie Davis and me at Internet Safety Discussion

After my conversation with my niece, I decided to attend Cox Communications’ Internet Safety Discussion featuring America’s Most Wanted John Walsh and Leticia Barr, a family internet safety and security expert, social media consultant, and founder of TechSavvyMama.com (one of my favorite digital sisters — she is the green dress in the photos contained above) on June 28 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. During the discussion, I learned several tips I plan to pass on to several friends with children (some are my nieces and nephews).

•95% of tweens use mobile devices. Only 20% parents enforce controls (we gotta do better).
•Parents should talk about Internet safety with their children as early as possible (good aunts should reinforce these teachings!)
•Caretakers (grandparents, aunts, uncles, babysitters etc) should know about and enforce the parents’ Internet safety rules when they are taking care of the children.
•The United States does not have a national standard for teaching online safety in schools (we need to advocate for one).
•Children are not immune from identity theft (we have to do a lot of educating with children on these matters).
•Parent should model what they want for their children when it comes to technology (so should extended family members who spend time with the children).
•Common Sense Media rates apps for age appropriateness (great tool for parents to use in helping children use technology responsibly): www.commonsensemedia.org.
To learn more about the discussion, go to Twitter and search for the hashtag #coxtakecharge.

Great moments at the Internet Safety Discussion
Kelly Heisler of Everywhere, Lifetime Moms National Accounts Manager, and Danica Kombol of Everywhere at Internet Safety Discussion

After the discussion, I attended a blogger reception and after-party sponsored by the Everywhere, a social media marketing firm based in Atlanta (one of my favorite firms to work with). Both events gave me an opportunity to:

•Congratulate Leticia @techsavvymama! She rocked the discussion and looked stunning in her Land’s End green dress and sandals!
•Reconnect with the Everywhere team Danica Kombol @danicakombol and Kelly Heisler @kellyheaisleratl.
•Take photos with America’s Most Wanted John Walsh @johnwalshamw.
•Chat with Stephanie Davis of Cox Communications @Cox_Comm.
•Meet and learn about digital sister bloggers including @Stimey, @Delora, Kellie Geres @dcnanny, Andrea Khoury @novahousewives, and Micaela @supernovamommy1 (and many more fabulous women!).
•Hang out with some of my favorite “Blogalicious” digital sisters such as Xina Eiland @xeiland, Thien Kim @thienkim, and Eva @socamomdc.

All in all I had a wonderful time learning, sharing, and connecting with new and old digital friends!

PS: How do you stay safe online? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Are you gearing up for OneWebDay on September 22? When did you first start using the Internet? What are 2 of your fondest Internet memories?


Hi Everybody!

Have you caught the OneWebDay 2009 (www.onewebday.org) fever yet? If not, watch the YouTube video below featuring Susan Crawford, the founder of OneWebDay.  It will inform and energize you!

If you have caught the OneWebDay 2009 fever, then join the OneWebDay social networking site so you can really stay informed. It is FREE.  Click here: http://my.onewebday.org.

On September 1, join me in participating in kg yoga life practices’ OneWebDay 22 Countdown Campaign (September 1-22), an online campaign that invites Internet users to:

-include links and insights in their status updates and groups on Facebook and other social networking sites,
-use social bookmarking to share information,
-post photos,
-send emails and texts,
-record audio blogs and podcasts,
-create videos, and
-make Slide Share presentations that express the positive impact the Internet has had on their lives and work.


Click here for more information: http://kgyoga.blogspot.com/2009/08/kg-yoga-life-practices-onewebday-22.html. Watch my OneWebDay 22 Countdown promo on Ananda Leeke TV below.


Before you go, tell me when you first started using the Internet and two of your fondest Internet memories.  Don’t leave out any details! 


When I started using the Internet:   After I came back from my trip to Egypt in July 1995, I started practicing yoga and using the Internet.  A friend helped me set up my very first AOL account on my computer.  I used to get so excited when I would receive email.  “You’ve Got Mail” became one of my favorite slogans.  It was also one of my favorite movies (another story for another time). 


Two of my fondest Internet memories:  


Catherine Austin Fitts, Founder of The Hamilton Securities Group, Inc.

One memory occurred in January 1996 when I was recruited by Catherine Austin Fitts, the founder of The  Hamilton Securities Group, Inc., to manage a $7 billion Federal Housing Administration (FHA) mortgage loan transaction. Austin is a dynamic investment banker and former Assistant Secretary of the FHA in the first Bush Administration: http://solari.com/about-us/catherine.  She is currently President and CEO of Solari, Inc. (http://solari.com).  In 1991, Austin used her own money to establish Hamilton as a woman-owned investment bank and financial software firm that emphasized digital technology and social responsibility.  What a HUGE move for a woman! 


Hamilton’s high tech offices on Dupont Circle in D.C.

Hamilton’s offices and culture were cutting edge. My colleagues were amazing.  Diversity and a commitment to excellence and lifelong learning were core values that we all shared.  Hamilton felt like a Silicon Valley tech company in D.C.  Fast Company and Wired were required reading.  Click here to learn more about Hamilton:  http://www.dunwalke.com/11_Hamilton_Securities.htm.

I met Austin while working as the debt manager for the Office of the D.C. Treasurer. Austin’s passion for the Internet influenced me greatly.  She inspired me to dive deep into digital technology and made sure I had ample opportunities to express my passion and marry it with my law degree and experience in securities and financial regulation.  As a result, I  established and managed Hamilton’s intellectual property protection program for its online products and services. 


My second fondest memory was seeing the power of the Internet in action while I represented Hamilton at the U.N. Conference on Human Settlements in Istanbul, Turkey in 1996.   It was amazing to see large crowds of people using the Internet cafe. Now I wonder how we ever lived without wi-fi and smart phones! 

Enjoy your day and week!

Peace, Creativity, and OneWebDay Love,

Ananda, an Internet and yoga enthusiast