Celebrate Yourself!

Embracing the New Moon in Gemini ♊️ energy this month is giving me a chance to celebrate my own personal Moon in Gemini. That’s right I was born with a rising Sun in Sagittarius and a Moon in Gemini.

The New Moon in Gemini is also giving me and my Thriving Mindfully Academy members energetic support for practicing and integrating our monthly theme of “Celebrate Yourself” in our lives, relationships, and careers with curiosity, creativity, deep communication with self, and flexibility.

Self-celebration is a great mindful self-care practice and one of the Thriving Mindfully Academy’s core commitments and Self-Love Languages.

What do you need to celebrate yourself?

What’s 1 thing you can do to celebrate yourself this month?

If you’re getting stuck or finding it difficult to celebrate yourself, know that it’s okay. What’s not okay is you staying stuck and struggling.

Take a deep breath right now and give yourself a hug.


Because you took a moment to read this post and reflect on self-celebration.

Your deep breath and hug are two things you can celebrate NOW because they are your mindful self-care wins. They helped you nurture yourself. All of it represents WINS that deserve celebration.

Now you may be wondering, how do you celebrate your mindful self-care WINS.

Celebrate with a longer juicy hug.

Smile at yourself in a mirror.

Play and/or move to your favorite song.

Pour yourself a glass or a cup of your favorite beverage.

Wear your favorite color or piece of jewelry.

Cook your favorite meal.

Write yourself a short love note expressing your thoughts about why you are groovy.

Read a page or more from your favorite article or book.

Take a walk down your favorite street.

If you’re into lipstick or lip gloss like me, wear your favorite and take a selfie.

I could go on and on, but will stop here.

Let me know how you are celebrating yourself in the comment section.

PS: Dive deeper into celebrating yourself as the REAL YOU with my support as a Thriving Mindfully Academy member. Click the button to learn about and invest in your Thriving Mindfully Academy membership.

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