When’s the last time you slowed down and listened to yourself and your body?

While I was at my monthly chiropractor appointment this week, I thought about the conversations I’ve been having with my body over the past 30 years. Those conversations have strengthened my ability to pay attention, listen, and respond to what my body needs at different stages in my adult life.

Over the years, these conversations have helped me slow down and sustain my living with a strong commitment to and practice of mindful self-care.

My mindful self-care includes a vegan lifestyle, daily physical movement, rest and chill.out time, spiritual and creative practices, fun and play time with family and friends, meaningful work that allows me to share my gifts in my wellness company, and monthly massage, acupuncture, and chiropractor visits. All of it helps me express Thriving Mindfully as the REAL ME.

When is the last time you slowed down and tuned into your body?

What is your body trying to tell you?

This month I am helping my Thriving Mindfully Academy members use the Gemini ♊️ season’s energy to tune into themselves (spirt, heart, mind, and body) and invite curiosity into their conversations with self. We’re exploring this practice during our monthly mindful self-care classes on June 12th and 27th.

Click the link below to learn how we can work together when you invest in becoming a member of the Thriving Mindfully Academy. Email me if you have questions: ananda@anandaleeke.com.

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