Take a moment to celebrate yourself

Sitting in the sun this morning gave me an opportunity to use my Self-Love Language that helps me celebrate myself just because I am who I am. Watch the video below to hear my reflections.

Celebrating myself is one of my 5 Self-Love Languages I use to take care of myself and manage stress. I also use it in my work with the Thriving Mindfully Academy.

During the Thriving Mindfully Academy’s Spring Reset last night, I helped attendees identify and learn how to use their 5 Self-Love Languages to practice self-care and manage stress. They include:

♡Affirm yourself

♡Honor your body

♡Reclaim your time

♡Serve yourself

♡Celebrate yourself

May you take one of your 1,440 minutes that you get each day to celebrate yourself just because you are who you are today, this month, and during the rest of your lifetime.

Need more support in practicing self-care and managing stress?

I invite you to join me for the Spring Reset on:

*EVENINGS: April 20th OR April 24th at 7:30-8:30 PM ET

*MORNINGS: April 21st OR April 27th at 7:30-8:30 AM ET

Reserve your seat here.

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