Full Moon in Libra: Release & Forgiveness

The Full Moon in Libra happens Saturday, April 16th. It invites us to slow down, release, forgive, and celebrate how far we have come since the Full Moon in Virgo.

How are you planning to honor the Full Moon in Libra?

I am honoring the Full Moon in Libra with my Self-Love Language practice of reclaiming my time with readings from my oracle and tarot cards, mindful journaling with music, art-making, and tea this weekend.

Watch the video below to hear my Full Moon reflections.

I’ll also be leading the Thriving Mindfully Academy’s (TMA) Spring Virtual Retreat for TMA members on Saturday. A part of the retreat will feature an exercise on releasing and forgiving self and others.

Ready to be present, well, and the REAL YOU?

Ready to be inspired and in-powered with my coaching support in a safe community?

Find out how to invest in yourself as a Thriving Mindfully Academy member by clicking the button below.

Email me if you have questions: ananda@anandaleeke.com.

One last thing… May you tap into the Full Moon in Libra energy for wisdom and support in your life, relationships, and career.

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