Mental Health Is Our Birthright!

I was so happy to learn about the amazing tennis player Naomi Osaka’s decision to take care of her mental health (read her Instagram post here). I loved hearing tennis player and entrepreneur Serena Williams affirm Naomi’s decision. They represent two HEALTHY and #PRESENTAF women. They demonstrated what I know to be true: our mental health is our birthright! So is mindfulness and self-care. They are all our birthrights and ESSENTIAL to our well-being and existence on Mother Earth.

I am grateful for all of the people including numerous health, wellness, spiritual, and creative practitioners who taught me to value my mental health, self-care, and mindfulness, and supported me in my growth over the past 30 years. It’s a growth journey I continue to take daily.

This morning I decided to slow down and listen to Aretha Franklin’s You album in my Chakra Castle Chill Out Lounge. While I was chilling, I played in my lipstick and lip gloss box. Wearing lipstick and lip gloss has always been one of my self-care tools. When the COVID-19 pandemic began last year, I started collecting and wearing different lipstick and lip gloss colors even with my mask. My self-care practice became a wonderful way for me to honor myself and express my joy and gratitude for being alive and healthy each day. On hard days, it made me remember I was worth time and attention. My soul sistalove Ayesha and I share our lipstick journeys with texts and photos regularly. It’s a self-care religion for us!

Ninety-five percent of the brands I use are made by people of color. Many of the colors in my collection represent shades of the seven chakras. Today, the green lipsticks called my name. They were vibing with my heart chakra energy of loving kindness and compassion. I used Dr. Bonner’s orange ginger organic balm and Kami Cosmetics’ walnut lip liner (purchased from The Brown Beauty Co-op in DC). I mixed Einaff Cosmetics’ Margarita green lipstick and Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty’s Midnight Wasabi green lipstick to create the look I am rocking today.

What self-care practices have you been using this year?

Struggling with stress?

Need help?

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