Wellness Wednesday Treat: Opt Into Self-Care with Me on Black Doctor’s Facebook Live Tonight at 6 PM ET

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

Tonight, head over to Black Doctor’s Facebook Live at 6 p.m. ET for The Doctor Is In conversation on opting into self-care for 2021. I am talking with Dr. Monique Gary and Ricki Fairley of TOUCH The Black Breast Cancer Alliance. Go here to watch tonight’s Black Doctor’s Facebook Live.

Need more help opting into self-care? Sign up for the Thriving Mindfully Academy’s Come Home to Yourself Retreat on December 20th (option #1) or December 27th (option #2).


December 20th, 2-4:30 PM ET

December 27th, 2-4:30 PM ET

During the Come Home to Yourself Retreat, you will:

-Practice mindful self-care with deep breathing, meditation, affirmations, and gentle chair yoga

-Reflect on and journal about who you have been and the lessons you learned in 2020

-Identify who or what’s been getting in your way in 2020Release and practice forgiveness

-Explore who you want to be and how you want to show up in 2021

-Set intentions and identify the resources, action steps, and accountability support you need to manifest the person you want to be in 2021

-Create a self-celebration plan to appreciate your small, medium, and big wins in 2021

A Zoom video link will be emailed to you once you register for the online retreat.

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