#InternetGeek Tuesday: #InternetGeek@50 Lesson 2: SKILLS


Happy #InternetGeek Tuesday!

SKILLS is #InternetGeekat50 Lesson 2. One thing I know for sure about being an Internet Geek is that learning new skills is an ongoing process. This month, my web site content creation skills are growing as I work with Michelle Langston, a fabulous WordPress developer, on the design and relaunch of AnandaLeeke.com. Picking the new web site design and creating a content outline was fun. The hard part has been creating and posting content. My fear of not having the perfect words paralyzed me for two weeks. Thanks to Michelle’s patience and guidance, and a video chat I had with Press Publish conference organizer Andrea Middleton, I put the finishing touches on my new content on Monday night. What skills have you developed as a result of being online?

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