Ananda’s Digital Sisterhood Book Fundraiser Raises $425 with support from 15 donors

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Happy Monday All!

Great news!  To date, 15 generous supporters helped me raise $425 for my Digital Sisterhood book fundraiser on  I am filled with deep gratitude for their generosity and your support for sharing my fundraiser with your network via Twitter, Facebook, email, and other social media sites.

FYI – You can still make a donation to my fundraiser by clicking here.  Once I meet my $500 goal, I will continue raising money until the June 28th deadline.  The additional money raised after the $500 goal will be used to cover some or all of the graphic art and photography expenses.

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Please support Ananda’s Digital Sisterhood Part 2 Kickstarter Fundraiser by Making a Donation by June 28.



Hi All,

Today I am sharing a video that I recorded yesterday about my Digital Sisterhood Part 2 Kickstarter Fundraiser.  My goal is to raise $500 by June 28. Click on the link to make a donation of $1, $5, $10, $20, $30, $40, $50 or more:  Each person who donates will receive a gift. Check out what you will receive with your donations:

The Story Behind My Current Fundraiser:

In September 2010, I  launched my first Kickstarter campaign to raise money for my book, Digital Sisterhood, a memoir that discusses her Internet adventures, digital sisterhood experiences, and reflections about women and the Internet during the period of 1986 to 2011.  My short-term goal was to raise $500 by December 23, 2010. My long-term goal was to raise $1,600. Guess what happened? With the support of 39 backers, I successfully raised $1,159 online and an additional $70 offline. The grand total was $1,229.

To date, I have $371 to raise in order to meet my long-term goal of $1,600. That’s why I have come back to Kickstarter with Digital Sisterhood – Part 2.  My Digital Sisterhood Part 2 book fundraising goal is $500 by June 28. This amount will cover the balance of my self-publishing expenses and help offset the cost of mailing and photography expenses.

More on Digital Sisterhood:

To learn more about Digital Sisterhood, visit the web sites below.

Web Site:

Thank you for your support! Many blessings!

Ananda’s Great News: Raised $547 for Fundraiser for Sisterhood the Blog Book Project

My fundraiser for my Sisterhood the Blog book project is almost a month old.  To date, I have raised $547 with the support of 17 donors and many people who have used Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, web sites, blogs, and email to share information about my efforts.

Tomorrow, I celebrate a full month of fundraising and a re-launch of my fundraising campaign.  On October 23, I will have 62 days to raise $1,053 to meet my overall goal of $1,600.  The money will be used for my self-publishing and mailing fees.  Click on the link to learn how you can help me reach my $1,053 goal: Thank you for your support! Keep shining!

Many thanks to my newest donors LaShanda Henry, Mitchell Abdullah, and R. Dudley! Many blessing to all of my donors for their generosity.  See the list below.


Kiratiana Freelon

Sep 26
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Aiesha Turman (Brooklyn, NY)

Sep 27

Sariane Leigh

Sep 27

Jill foster

Sep 29

Tanya Fields

Sep 30

Takeyah Young

Oct 04

The Cotillion Online

Oct 04
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John Leeke

Oct 05

Faydra Fields

Oct 13

jade andwele

Oct 14
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Mitchell Abdullah (Charlotte, NC)

Oct 18
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R. Dudley (Washington, DC)

Oct 18
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