Time to complete my Digital Sisterhood book — Will be away from this blog until late October 2011

Photo Credit: http://www.earthday.org/earth-day-2011

Happy Earth Day!  Happy Good Friday!

Last weekend during Digital Sisterhood Unplugged Sunday I made a decision to step away from this blog and my @AnandaLeeke Twitter page, Facebook pages, Tumblr page, Flickr phoho-sharing site, Vimeo channel, and Cinchcast audio blog to begin the wonderful, juicy journey of completing my next book, Digital Sisterhood, a memoir.  The only thing I needed to do was a pick a date. I have vacillated on the date all week.  This morning I realized during my yoga, Reiki healing touch,  and meditation practice that my day to step away is in fact today.  That means this is the last blog post until late October (will be back in time for Blogalicious on October 21-23 in DC).

It also means I will reduce my daily and weekly social media activities that support the Digital Sisterhood Network beginning May 1.  Next week I have several blogs (with videos and photos) to write and post along with several radio shows to organize for the Feminism Online Project series on Digital Sisterhood Radio.  The Feminism Online Project ends on May 31. I will continue to host the Digital Sisterhood Wednesday weekly celebrations on Twitter (late April through October), post reminders about Digital Sisterhood Unplugged Sundays each month, and manage the monthly episodes of The Stroke Diva Fabulous Show hosted by lifestyle blogger Kamaria Richmond, Digital Sisterhood Network Blogger-in-Residence, on Digital Sisterhood Radio. I will spend time in May and June managing the final weeks of my Kickstarter fundraiser which ends on June 28 and hosting the June 29th DC She Writers Meet Up featuring guest poet/writer Dr. Ada Diaz, a Howard University professor.  I will launch the Digital Civility and Security Initiative for a week (July 4-11) and co-host the July 6th Twitter chat on digital civility with Andrea Weckerle, CiviliNation founder. In August, I will do a few audio blogs about my BlogHer participation.  In addition, I will host the September 29th DC She Writers Meet Up.  WOW! That felt good to share. It’s my way of having accountability with myself and life coach Yael.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my words, sending me positive vibes and energy for my writing journey, and supporting all of my creative efforts! May you have a beautiful rest of April, May, June, July, August, September, and October!



PS: Listen to my audio blog about Earth Day and a poem that celebrates green living! Enjoy!

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