Ananda is speaking at BlogHer 2011 Conference on August 5

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Something special is happening in August. I am going to the BlogHer conference as a speaker.  I will join a dynamic panel of women who will discuss peer networking. Check out the BlogHer agenda description below (text from BlogHer web site).








Session Date: August 5, 2:45 pm to 4:00 pm

Session Title: Skills: Minding Your Own Business – Peer Networking: Working together to help all boats rise

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Session Description: Much of our online business is conducted with online friends. And we all know that blogging has provided a source of support and understanding. Are you regularly taking that support offline? Are you using that support to the advantage of your business? Have you put some structure around it? This session will look at the value in creating structured peer networking groups…offline if possible, online if not…in order to accomplish specific professional goals. Whether you want to work on your writing, your business model or your value proposition, being supported by and accountable to a group of trusted peers can be exactly the boost you need. Liz Strauss moderates the conversation with Ananda Leeke, Heather Mann and Vikki Reich, who will help you figure out what kind of group you need, and how to set it up to deliver.

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