Mindful Technology: Listen to Ananda Leeke’s Interview on Technology for Mindfulness Podcast


Check out my Technology for Mindfulness podcast interview (53.55 minutes) about my mindfulness journey for the past 25 years, mindful technology, and how the power of one’s breath and the practice of mindfulness can help outsmart stress with Robert Plotkin, founder of Technology for Mindfulness, engineer, and long-time mindfulness practitioner.

During the interview, I share tips on how to cope with stress in the workplace based on self-care lessons I learned from my early career in finance and best practices from my work with clients as a mindfulness yoga teacher and reiki practitioner. I also share how I used mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and journaling to overcome stress caused by failing the bar exam eight times as a young lawyer. You can also listen to the podcast interview on YouTube.


Mindful Creativity: Celebrate National Vision Board Day on January 13

Have you ever used a vision board? A vision board is a mindful creativity tool you can use to help clarify, concentrate, and maintain focus on the highest and best vision of your life.

I started using vision boards in the early 1990s after reading Julia Cameron’s The Artist WayI have used them for my artwork, business, career reinvention, fitness, home decor, personal style, relationships, travel adventures, yoga practice, and overcoming writer’s block with my creativity memoir, That Which Awakens Me: A Creative Woman’s Poetical Memoir of Self-Discovery and tech memoir, Digital Sisterhood: A Memoir of Fierce Living Online.


A couple of years ago, I learned about National Vision Board Day, an annual celebration held on the second Saturday in January. National Vision Board Day is my opportunity to practice loving kindness as I give myself the gift of time to reflect on, journal about, and create a written statement and visual expression of my highest and best life. Last year I started my vision board process on January 14 and finished it several days later with three different vision boards (see a photo of one of my boards above).

This year I am spending National Vision Board Day as a creativity coach. I will be facilitating a vision board-making session with a client. Listen to the latest episode of the #ThrivingMindfully Podcast to learn how I use mindful creativity to help my clients create their vision statement and board. The episode includes a guided meditation, breathing and journaling exercises, and tips. Feel free to use it to prepare for your National Vision Board Day celebration.

Interested in learning more about how I help people just like you become aware of and express creativity in your own unique way while outsmarting stress and overcoming blocks and challenges? Check out my mindful creativity services.

Be Present in 2018 (Mindful Body Scan Podcast)


Happy 2018!

Start your new year by making a self-care investment in being more present in your body, heart, mind, and spirit. Listen to the latest episode of the #ThrivingMindfully Podcast and learn how to be present with a guided body scan. A body scan can help you relax and connect with what’s happening in your body from head to toe (or toe to head), how you’re feeling, and what you’re thinking. It also trains your attention and can help you release pent-up emotions.


Launch now, improve later: A Mindful Cup of Tea podcast is born!

Happy Monday!

How is your week going so far?

I spent the day mindfully taking action on my business to-do list I made and talking to a potential client I met during the Happy Black Woman Location-Independent Business Academy. Here’s what happened with my to-do list:


The first episode discusses being in the present moment. Go here to listen. What a productive day!

May you have a great week filled with an abundance of mindful moments!

POTUS Makes A #SocialCivics House Call to WTF Podcast

Click on the link below to listen to WTF podcast host Marc Maron’s June 19th interview with President Obama. The interview was held in Maron’s garage. Now that’s POTUS making a #socialcivics house call. It’s also #socialcivics in action!


Happy Internet Geek Tuesday! 4/16


Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

Talkshoe.com is a podcast tool that makes my life easy. It’s free to use and requires very little technical know-how.  I have been using Talkshoe to host Internet radio shows since 2008. Currently, I host the Digital Sisterhood Radio show which will begin its 2013 season later this year.

Do you listen to or host podcasts?

What are your favorite podcasts?

If you are thinking about launching a podcast, click here to read my 14 tips. Also, I encourage you to read my blog post that discusses the nine benefits of podcasting. Click here to check out my Podcasting 101 Pinterest board. I created it last year for a Podcasting 101 panel I moderated during  the BlogHer conference in New York City.