Open your heart with my kg yoga life practices show on MomTV today!

Greetings All,

Open your heart this week by taking my kg yoga life practices class on MomTV. This morning I pre-recorded today’s show. The theme is opening your heart with love (prema in Sanskrit) and compassion (karuna in Sanskrit). Click here to watch the show (approximately 24 minutes):

Be sure to join me on March 17 at 8:00 p.m. for the next kg yoga life practices class on MomTV:

May you have a fabulous day opening your heart to the love and compassion inside of yourself! Dwell in it all day long. Tomorrow pass it on to someone else!

OM Love OM!

OM Compassion OM!

Peace, Creativity, Love, Compassion, and Gratitude for an open heart,


Open your heart by watching Ananda’s 2/12 online yoga class for computer users

Hi All,

Give yourself the gift of love by taking 15 minutes to watch my yoga class video that explores the power of opening your heart.  It includes kind and gentle yoga poses that you can do while sitting in a chair or in your bed.  Click here to watch the video:

FYI – My yoga class honors women’s heart health month (celebrated in February) and the people of Haiti.  If you learned something from the class, please consider making a donation to Doctors Without Borders to support their work in Haiti:

I am teaching two more online yoga classes on February 19 and 26 at 7:00 a.m. EST: I hope you can join me for the classes.

Enjoy your day and weekend!

Peace, Creativity, Compassion, and Love OMs,