Ananda continues the BlogHer conversations and discusses spiriuality on Sisterhood, the Blog Radio’s August 24, 25, 26, and 28 shows


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On August 24, I spoke with the Bronx Bohemian (  about blogging, the BlogHer 2009 Conference (, and sisterhood on Sisterhood, the Blog Radio.  Click here to listen:

This week I will continue the BlogHer conversation on the following days:

Click here to listen to the live shows: Don’t panic if you miss the show.  You can download it several minutes after it airs. 


Be sure to tune into Sisterhood, the Blog Radio on August 26 at 8pm EST for a discussion on “Spirituality: Blooming Right Where You Are.”  The guest is Kelli Jarreaux, an ordained Interfaith Minister, attorney, arbitrator, mediator, global peace facilitator, life coach, and co-author of Hopwood, Bakke, and Beyond: Diversity on our Nations Campuses and Sacred Secrets: Finding Your Way to Joy, Peace and Prosperity.

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Tune into my conversation with NYCity Mama Carol Cain about BlogHer 2009 on 8.22@5pm on Sisterhood, the Blog Radio



Carol Cain, founder of NYCity Mama Blog (


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Tune into Sisterhood, the Blog Radio on August 22 at 5:00 p.m. EST (had to cancel the original date – August 21@ 8pm) for my juicy conversation with NYCity Mama Carol Cain, a Latina and native New Yorker (   Carol will talk about the reasons she established her NYCity Mama blog,  lessons she learned from blogging, and favorite moments at the BlogHer 2009 Conference.   She is an amazing woman who previously worked as a publishing and public relations professional. Carol considers herself a nomadic spirit with a passion for cultures, languages, and customs.  Click here to listen to the show:  If you miss the live show, don’t panic.  You can download a recording from the web site ( and listen to it at your convenience.

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Tonight I am interviewing Kamy Wicoff, founder of on Sistehood, the Blog Radio.


Kamy Wicoff, author and founder of (


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Tonight I am interviewing Kamy Wicoff, one of the fabulous women I met at the BlogHer 2009 Conference (, at 8:00 p.m. on Sisterhood, the Blog Radio.  Kamy is an amazing author and founder of (, a social networking site for women readers and writers.  My interview will focus on the reasons Kamy launched and lessons she learned from the BlogHer 2009 Conference. Click here to listen to the show:  If you miss the live show, don’t panic.  You can download a recording and listen to it when you have time.  That’s why you gotta love Internet radio! 

If you want to know more about, click on the links below.

-SHE WRITES, the Site for Women Writers by Linda Lowen, Guide to Women’s Issues – A salon of one’s own by Frieda Klotz, Broadsheet on –

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Laughter and My BlogHer 2009 Moment@Ragu Luncheon on July 24



Happy Friday!

How has your week been?  Mine has been really juicy online and offline! 

As you may know, I’ve been having a series of conversations on Sisterhood, the Blog Radio ( with dynamic women who attended the BlogHer 2009 conference ( on July 24 and 25 in Chicago, Illinois.  Our conversations have inspired me to stay on my “grustle” (grind + hustle = grustle; grustle is a term coined by one of my favorite folks — Hajj Flemings, an author and brand specialists –  That means I am diving deep into practicing self-care as I work on a few projects.  Laughter is a key part of my self-care practice.  Finding humor and being silly in my daily life have become a necessity. So today I decided to post a photo that I took at the Ragu Luncheon held on July 24 during BlogHer 2009.  Every time I look at it, I crack up laughing. 

So what makes you laugh?

If you are looking for ways to incorporate more laughter into your life, click here to learn about laughter yoga:  Try some laughter yoga exercises: 

A few years ago I took some laughter yoga classes and really enjoyed them.  I use laughter yoga exercises with my clients and in workshops.  It really helps people relax and let go of stress.

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I will host the BlogHer 2009 Discussion on Sisterhood, the Blog Radio on Aug. 12, 13, 14 & 15


Happy Wednesday!

Sisterhood, the Blog Radio’s Lessons Learned from BlogHer 2009 series continues this week with four more interviews.  I will serve as the “blog hostess with the mostess!”  See the schedule below.   Click here to listen to the shows:    If you miss them,  don’t panic.  You can download and listen to  recordings from the web site.  

1) August 12 at 8:00 p.m. EST – Denene Millner, the founder of MyBrownBaby blog ( and co-author of What Brothers Think, What Sistahs Know: The Real Deal on Love and Relationships, What Brothers Think, What Sistahs Know About Sex, and Money, Power, Respect: What Brothers Think, What Sistahs Know;

2) August 13  at 8:00 p.m. EST – Holly Buchanan, a women’s marketing consultant ( and co- author of The Soccer Mom Myth;

3) August 14 at 8:00 p.m. EST – Lucrecer Braxton, the founder of Art-Slam blog (; and

4) August 15 at 8:00 p.m. EST – Deb Rox, the founder of Deb on the Rocks blog (  and author of 5 Ways to {Blank} Your Blog. 

Blogger Yoga for BlogHer Community: Another Way to Share As a Blogger/Yoga Teacher


Have you heard about BlogHer – It is a great online community for women who blog.  There are several male members. 

2008 TWAM Photo Shoot 1 049

I recently attended my first BlogHer conference in July and had a fabulous time.  After I returned from the conference, I started thinking about how bloggers spend numerous hours in front of computers. We tweet, text, blog, vlog, audio blog, and post photos from our phones.  Our brains work really hard to create and write status updates, blogs, comments on blogs, content for social networking sites and other web sites, online magazines, op-eds, articles, and emails.  All that finger action on keyboards gives our hands a mighty workout.  Our eyes read a lot of information.  The way we sit while we interact online may be hurting our bodies (shoulder, neck, back, hips, etc.). That’s why I decided to create a Blogger Yoga Group for the BlogHer community. 

Blogger Yoga is a group for people who want to learn more about, share, and diiscuss how to use kind and gentle yoga, office yoga, eye yoga, chair yoga, keyboard yoga, hand yoga, face yoga, laughter yoga, meditation, mindfulness practices, breathing exercises, mantra chanting, Reiki healing touch exercises, stress-relief exercises, and self-care practices to enhance their lives as bloggers.  Blogger Yoga also offers me an opportunity to share my gifts as a kind and gentle yoga teacher and Reiki Master practitioner with the BlogHer community.  Click here to learn more about the Blogger Yoga Group:

Blogging OMs to you,


Great News! Ananda & Sisterhood, the Blog Radio Mentioned in Natalie McNeal’s Frugalista Files blog (published in Miami Herald)


“Frugalista” Natalie McNeal


Happy Monday!

Great News! Sisterhood, the Blog Radio and I were mentioned in a post written by Natalie McNeal, founder of the Frugalista Files blog ( that appears in the Miami Herald. Click here to read the post:  Many thanks to Natalie!

Here’s some more great news!  Natalie will appear as my guest on Sisterhood, the Blog Radio tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST.  Natalie will share her reasons for blogging and lessons learned from Blogher 2009.  Click here to listen to the show:    If you miss it,  don’t panic.  You can download and listen to a recording from the web site.

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My Blogher 2009 Conference Update #2 – Webisodes of My Blogher Experience



Happy President Obama’s Birthday!

Happy Tuesday!

I am still on my Blogher 2009 Conference ( high.  My energy is going strong!  I decided to share several webisodes of Ananda Leeke TV ( that feature my Blogher experience.  Let me know what you think.

I will post webisodes from my Black Women in Social Media @ Blogher Series later this week.  They feature a diverse group of dynamic women including Donna Byrd, publisher of ( and Gina McCauley, founder of Blogging While Brown (, What About Our Daughters blog (, and Michelle Obama Watch web site (  I posted the interviews of Donna and Gina below to give you a taste of what’s to come. 



August 6th marks the launch of my interview series with Blogher 2009 conference participants on Sisterhood, the Blog Radio ( The program schedule will be posted shortly. 

Find out what happened to me on the first day of Blogher. Many thanks to Megan Smith for filming the webisode.


While I was at Blogher, I had time to make a fun webisode with Tropicana Juice. I shared my healthy tip on eating breakfast. My Blogher sistalove Shaz Mistery filmed my “bootleg” webisode as the Tropicana folks filmed their “Juice” webisode!  The Tropicana folks said my webisode turned out great!  I can’t wait to see the official copy.  I wanna give a shout out to my brother Matt for teaching me how to do on camera interviews! 


On the last day of the conference, I hung out with Sam Smith, one of the nicest Blogher men I met.  Sam served as ae Pepsico guy and  promoted Tropicana Juice products.  He always made my day with wonderful compliments!  Many thanks to Shaz Mistry for filming the webisode!


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