Blogger Yoga for BlogHer Community: Another Way to Share As a Blogger/Yoga Teacher


Have you heard about BlogHer – It is a great online community for women who blog.  There are several male members. 

2008 TWAM Photo Shoot 1 049

I recently attended my first BlogHer conference in July and had a fabulous time.  After I returned from the conference, I started thinking about how bloggers spend numerous hours in front of computers. We tweet, text, blog, vlog, audio blog, and post photos from our phones.  Our brains work really hard to create and write status updates, blogs, comments on blogs, content for social networking sites and other web sites, online magazines, op-eds, articles, and emails.  All that finger action on keyboards gives our hands a mighty workout.  Our eyes read a lot of information.  The way we sit while we interact online may be hurting our bodies (shoulder, neck, back, hips, etc.). That’s why I decided to create a Blogger Yoga Group for the BlogHer community. 

Blogger Yoga is a group for people who want to learn more about, share, and diiscuss how to use kind and gentle yoga, office yoga, eye yoga, chair yoga, keyboard yoga, hand yoga, face yoga, laughter yoga, meditation, mindfulness practices, breathing exercises, mantra chanting, Reiki healing touch exercises, stress-relief exercises, and self-care practices to enhance their lives as bloggers.  Blogger Yoga also offers me an opportunity to share my gifts as a kind and gentle yoga teacher and Reiki Master practitioner with the BlogHer community.  Click here to learn more about the Blogger Yoga Group:

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