Slow Down & Offer Yourself GRACE

When is the last time you slowed down and gave yourself space to receive GRACE? 

I gave myself GRACE all weekend long.


Because I deserved it. And so do you. Check out my latest video to learn more about my weekend GRACE adevntures. May what I share inspire you to receive GRACE today and every day. 

When I SLOW down and give myself space to receive GRACE, I TRUST myself more. The more I strengthen my TRUST musicle, the more I listen to and follow the wisdom and guidance of Creator and my loving, wise, and well ancestors. Doing so helps me dive deeper into  my seasonal self-care practices.

Check out the conversation I had with Laura Pusey, a transformative grief therapist and author, about trusting and nurturing yourself in your life and career with Mother Nature’s seasonal self-care on the Thriving Mindfully Podcast’s S6 EP2. Click the button below to listen to the podcast episode. 

ONE LAST THING Click the button for your special invitation to my in-person DC event called SOFT AF SUNDAYS on January 22, Febrary 26, and March 26 at 2-3 p.m. at Qi Kratom CBD Tea, 1517 U Street, NW. Get your ticket here. 

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