You Are A Human BE-ing, not a Human Doing!

You are an AMAZING and FANTABULOUS human BE-ing, not a human doing.

I am here to celebrate with you that you are a unique being with a unique path.

You also have a unique flow.

Your unique flow is your HUMAN DESIGN.

Human Design is a self-IN-powerment that shows you where and how to access your body’s wisdom and awareness.

Human Design marries ancient wisdom systems including the African (Kemetian/Egyptian) science of astrology, the Chinese I Ching, the Hindu chakra system, and the Jewish Kabbalah along with quantum physics.

If you’re interested in learning more, join me for the S.O.F.T. AF December Circle: Understanding Yourself with Ancestral Medicine and Human Design on December 10th at 1-2:30 PM ET OR December 14th at 8-9:30 PM ET, sign up here ($33).

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