Shine Your Light + Tune Into NEW Thriving Mindfully Podcast Season 5

Happy New Moon in Leo! Today’s New Moon in Leo is all about confidence, creativity, and heart-centered action. 

The Thriving Mindfully Academy is using the theme, “Shine Your Light” to guide us during Leo Season (July 22-August 22) and in our New Moon mindful self-care practices. 

I am using the New Moon in Leo to set an intention of shining my light on myself through the relaunch of the Thriving Mindfully Podcast’s Season 5

This week I started taking heart-centered action by recording four episodes that are centered around the theme of “Shine Your Light on Yourself.”

I invite you to tune into the short Thriving Mindfully Podcast episodes (approximately 13-20 minutes each) Click the button below. 

I am releasing more episodes in August, September, and October. So make sure you subscribe!

Please share the podcast link with your family, friends, and colleagues:

Also, drop me a line and let me know how you are doing with your mindful self-care.

PS YOUR SPECIAL INVITATION: If you’re interested in joining the Thriving Mindfully Academy, click the button below to learn how you can invest in a monthly subscription.

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