Thriving Mindfully Meetup Group Celebrates 1st Year Anniversary in April

Happy 1st Year Anniversary #ThrivingMindfully Meetup Group! I am deeply grateful for everyone who has attended the Mindful Monday Meditation classes since April 16, 2018, at Qi Kratom CBD Tea. It’s been a blessing to share meditation, mindfulness, gentle yoga, silence, hugs, and delicious tea with you. Building community with you is powerful!

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Many thanks to everyone who attended the first-year anniversary celebration on Eath Day, April 22nd. Deep bow of gratitude to ee, Kai Kai, Gigi, Vyse, Vince, Naimah, Sincere, Reg, and the Qi Kratom CBD Tea family for supporting and hosting us for the past year. Super grateful to Angel Dundee for leading several classes and Martin for blessing our community with your delicious vegan treats!

P.S.: Join the #ThrivingMindfully Meetup Group here and attend the upcoming Mindful Monday Meditation classes from 6:15-7:30PM at Qi Kratom CBD Tea, 1517 U Street, NW in DC (free). Bring a family member, friend or colleague!

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