RECHARGE! & Invest in Yourself with Mindful Self-Care

TMMindfulSelfCare-BlogGraphicHappy #WellnessWednesday!

What do you think about when you hear the word wellness?

I think about mindful self-care. Mindful self-care helps me invest in myself. It offers me space and time to reflect, release, and recharge. It creates a more resilient me.

My mindful self-care happens in four parts.

  • Part one happens when I slow down and choose to pay attention by listening and seeing what’s happening and NOT happening in my spirit, heart, mind, body, and life.
  • Part two occurs when I set an intention, identify practices, create a plan on how and when to use the practices, and seek support and accountability.
  • Part three is essential because it reminds me to give myself loving kindness, compassion, patience, forgiveness, and nonjudgment for those moments when I don’t practice mindful self-care.
  • Part four is all about celebrating my small, medium, and big wins.

GIFT FOR YOU: Check out my #ThrivingMindfully Podcast episode on creating a mindful self-care toolkit. May it inspire you to honor all parts of yourself and life!

Eventbrite-TMWApr17Recharge-FINAL4919 (1)

Need more mindful self-care in your life?

Invest in your own self-care with my support during the RECHARGE! online workshop on Wednesday, April 17th from 7:30-9:30PM ET. Register online ($35) here. Invite your family, friends, and colleagues to join you!

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