Celebrate National Poetry Month in April with Ananda Leeke’s Mindfulness Poetry (Present Moment Awareness & Power of Breath)

In honor of National Poetry Month, I am sharing three of my favorite mindfulness poems. Check out the video of my poem “Present Moment Awareness” from my mindful creativity memoir, That Which Awakens Me (available of Amazon). It celebrates what happens inside of me when I meditate.

Here’s a sneak preview from my upcoming book, Lighthouse: A Memoir of Thriving Mindfully: two Thriving Mindfully Podcast episodes featuring “Our Breath” and “My Breath Is My BFF” poems I wrote last year that celebrate the power of the breath.

May my mindfulness poetry inspire you to take a moment to breathe deeply, meditate, and embrace #ThrivingMindfully in all you feel, think, say, and do!

PS: Wanna know what #ThrivingMindfully is all about? Listen to my podcast here.

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