How Are You Celebrating Social Media Day?


Happy Social Media Day! Happy #InternetGeek Tuesday!

How are you celebrating Social Media Day?

I am celebrating Social Media Day by becoming a social media mentor to Thomas Vaughn, one of my favorite Starbucks managers in my U Street neighborhood in Washington, DC. That means I will help Thomas create his LinkedIn and Twitter profiles and provide tips on how to use his social media presence to support his career.

Thomas, a native Washingtonian, expresses kindness, excellence, and the highest form of customer service I’ve ever seen. He connects with his customers and makes everyone feel special. That’s why he was recently named Starbucks employee of the quarter. Go Thomas.


I was inspired to become a social media mentor after reading the July/August issue of More Magazine. First Lady Michelle Obama served as the guest editor and discussed how we can all make an impact in someone’s life right where we live.

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