Poetry Month Day #20: “Yes” Poem


Happy Day #20 of National Poetry Month!

Today’s poem is entitled “Yes.” It was inspired by a free Introduction to Illustrator (Adobe) software class I took today at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library.



The instructor Troy Bent made several statements during the class that reminded me why it’s important to say YES to experiences and opportunities that push me out of my comfort zone and require me to step up and learn new things, make changes, go to new places, meet new people, and work with clients on projects that look and feel bigger than what I’m used to.



They come everyday,
Knocking at my door,
Whispering in my ear.
Experiences and opportunities longing for my participation.
Which ones should I choose?
I dwell in a state of endless contemplation with no decision made.
I weigh my options as the day passes into another.
A week comes and goes.
One month ends and another begins.
Before long a new year presents itself.
I can no longer hear the knock of opportunity or the whispers of experiences waiting to happen.
So I sit in silence.
Day transitions to night.
My mind becomes quiet.
Divine wisdom inserts herself and counsels me to invite the knock and the whispers.
I say “Yes” and a whole new world opens before me.

Copyright 2015 by Madelyn C. Leeke. All rights reserved.

Photo Credit: PanacheDesai.com

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