#InternetGeek Tuesday News: Preparing for Serve DC 5/21 7 Social Media Secrets of Nonprofit Digital Storytelling Workshop

Photo Credit: http://serve.dc.gov
Photo Credit: http://serve.dc.gov

Greetings All,

I’ve got some great #InternetGeek Tuesday news!

This week I am using my #InternetGeek skills to prepare for my “Seven Social Media Secrets of Nonprofit Digital Storytelling” workshop that will be held on May 21 at the Serve DC Program Director Institute. As a former nonprofit program officer for an AmeriCorps civic engagement program with over 18 years of digital communications experience, I have a special passion for AmeriCorps organizations and programs. That’s why I am really excited to share digital storytelling resources, strategies, tips, and tools with the Serve DC organizations. Look for an update about my workshop next week.

PS: For more information about my digital communications experience, click here.  I’m available for consultation, speaking engagements, and workshops. Contact me on madelyncleeke@gmail.com and 202.607.3509.

Happy #InternetGeek Tuesay: #DigCitizen Profile of #WHSocial Alum Matt Potts

Photo Credit: Matt Potts
Photo Credit: Matt Potts

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

Today I am sharing a Digital Citizenship (#DigCitizen) Project profile featuring Matt Potts, a social media leader, I met while attending the White House Social (#WHSocial) for the French Arrival Ceremony for French President Francois Hollande in February.

Meet Matt Potts

1) Tell us who you are.

I’m a fifth-year student of Architecture at Pratt Institute. I’m graduating this month. I live in Brooklyn, New York and was raised just outside of Philadelphia in South Jersey. To stay updated on my social media adventures, follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

2) Why did you apply to participate in the #WHSocial?

I have always been a supporter of the President and have held an interest and passion for politics my whole life. As an architect and musician, I found the Arrival Ceremony to be a fascinating confluence of diplomacy, architecture, and theater.

3) Share the key moments you experienced while participating in the #WHSocial.

My key moments included:

  • Arriving early and seeing the preparations for the state arrival was particularly interesting to see. Every piece of the ceremony is so choreographed and rehearsed to perfection, it was fascinating to see what it took to put it together.
  • It was also a great thrill to go in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building and meet with administration officials. I was struck by how those individuals we met with made real the administration’s commitment to transparency.

4) What social media tools did you use to support your participation in the #WHSocial?

I primarily used Instagram and Twitter, and shared some on Facebook to let family and friends in on the fun! I was impressed at how connected the #WHSocial group became after finding each other over Twitter through using the hashtag.

5) Did you learn any lessons while participating in the #WHSocial?

I learned, retrospectively, the importance of editing! I was too excited when I arrived at the White House and had a bit of a case of “overshare,” to the point that my phone battery couldn’t stand the cold and died before the ceremony concluded. I realized that even with live, in-the-moment broadcasting people are most interested in a concise, conclusive photograph or tweet rather than an overload of images with little meaning on their own.

6) What does digital citizenship mean to you?

Digital citizenship carries the duties of citizenship into an increasingly globalized world. It is a process of learning, keeping one’s self informed, but also sharing perspectives and ideas.

7) How are you planning to stay engaged as a digital citizen?

I plan to keep expanding the breadth of information I consume with the hopes being able to share more informed perspectives.

8) Share several ways Americans can use their digital presence and online network to engage civically on a local, state, and/or national level.

Especially in the U.S., our governments and leaders are increasingly present on social networks and are eager to engage with their constituents online. Americans can take advantage of this, and use these tools seriously to generate exciting and intelligent dialogue.

Happy #YogaMonday: My Favorite Yoga Poses Since 1995

Photo Credit: http://womenshealth.gov/nwhw/
Photo Credit: http://womenshealth.gov/nwhw/


Photo Credit: http://womenshealth.gov/nwhw/
Photo Credit: http://womenshealth.gov/nwhw/


Happy #YogaMonday!

It’s National Women’s Health Week, an annual health celebration I have used to recommit to my wellness commitments over the past decade. Practicing yoga on and off the mat is one of my wellness commitments that started in 1995.




I came to yoga as a 30-year-old runner, Type A legal and finance professional, artist, and writer who needed to release stress, stretch my body, and focus my mind. Child’s pose and downward facing dog were my favorite poses. They still are as I live my life as a 49-year-old (approaching 50 in December) artist, author, creativity coach, digital communications professional, and yoga teacher.



Side twists and savasana (final relaxation) pose also became some of my favorites during my yoga teacher training at Flow Yoga Center in 2005.

When you started practicing yoga, what were your favorite poses?

What are your favorite poses now?

Happy #CreativityThursday: May Artist Visit


Happy #CreativityThursday!

Artist dates are an essential ingredient in my life as an artist, author, and creativity coach. They spark my imagination and open my creative heart and mind to new ideas. 

I love to take myself on artist dates to galleries in my U Street neighborhood in Washington, DC. Today, I visited the Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery to see the “Alchemical  Vessels” exhibition featuring 125 unique bowls (see photo collage). Being in the midst of so much creativity was inspiring.

Do you take artist dates?

What was your last artist date?

#InternetGeek Tuesday: Local Digital Communities and Blogger Week 2014


Happy #InternetGeek Tuesday!

Are you actively participating in your local digital communities?



Listen to today’s podcast which discusses what I have gained from participating in my local digital  community including the Blogger Week (see photos above). Click on the link to listen: http://soundcloud.com/ananda-leeke/listen-to-ananda-leekes-1.

Happy #FierceLiving Friday: Having A #FierceLiving Team in Your Life (podcast)


Happy #FierceLiving Friday!

Listen to today’s podcast about the importance of having a #FierceLiving team in your life. Click on the link to listen:

Who are your #FierceLiving team members?

Be sure to thank them for who they are and all they do in your life.

Happy #CreativityThursday: Power of Creativity Communities (podcast)



Happy #CreativityThursday!

Today’s podcast discusses the power of creativity communities and what happened during the creativity conversations I hosted at the Digital Sisterhood Network’s April 30th meet up at The Mediterranean Spot on U Street, NW in Washington, DC. See photos above. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Have you ever been a part of a creativity community? How did it impact or inspire you?

Photo Credit: http://cormiercreative.com/creativity-is-contagious/
Photo Credit: http://cormiercreative.com/creativity-is-contagious/


Do you know what creativity looks like in your life? Do you need to open your creative heart? Do you know what your creative voice sounds like? Are you able to access it? What is it telling you? Are you ready to give birth to your creativity? Do you need support and tips on how to give birth to your creativity or navigate your creative process?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, join me on Thursday, May 15 for the “Giving Birth to Your Creativity” online workshop from 8:30 p.m. EST to 10:00 p.m. EST. The online 90 minute workshop will offer a small group of five participants the following:

  • Creative Self-Care Practices (breathing exercises, guided meditation, affirmation, and kind and gentle office yoga for your eyes, hands, mouth, and shoulders).
  • Ice Breaker Exercise and Sharing Circle.
  • Talk on “Giving Birth to Your Creativity with a Creativity Recipe.”
  • Journaling Exercises with Sharing Circle and Creativity Coaching Feedback.
  • Action Planning Steps and Tips for Giving Birth to Your Creativity.
  • Two creativity coaching email check-ins (one in June and one in July).
  • A special discount on creativity coaching sessions and packages.

That Which Awakes Me by Ananda Leeke

The workshop is based on exercises and information contained in my book, That Which Awakens Me: A Creative Woman’s Poetic Memoir of Self-Discovery (available on Amazon). It will be delivered via conference call. So all you need to participate is your telephone. Once you register and pay $26.26 ($23.95 workshop fee and $2.31 Eventbrite fee) for the workshop, I will  email you an agenda with handouts, the special discount on creativity coaching sessions, and the telephone number for the conference call. Click here to register for the workshop.