Happy #CreativityThursday: Celebrating International Soul Art Day

Happy #CreativityThursday!

Have you ever heard of Soul Art and International Soul Art Day?

Photo Credit: SoulArtStudio.com
Photo Credit: SoulArtStudio.com

Laura Hollick, an artist and shaman, is the brainchild behind them (see photo above). She is also founder of Soul Art Studio, a business that guides people to connect with their spirit and create a life and business that expresses it. Hollick says, “Soul Art awakens your inner artist so you can create your reality.”

Photo Credit: SoulArtDay.com
Photo Credit: SoulArtDay.com

International Soul Art Day is annual celebration held on May 14 that brings together Soul Artist from around the world to connect virtually and create art together for the day. Yesterday, I joined the Soul Art Day celebration by listening to recordings of two Google Hangout session and creating my own body mapping art project.

My Soul Art Day mixed media collage
My Soul Art Day mixed media collage

The body mapping art project allowed me to trace my hands and feet, journal, and create a mixed media collage (see photo above). The collage has become a visual affirmation and celebration of what’s living in my creative heart.

Have you ever participated in an online creativity challenge, event, or project that encouraged you to explore and honor your creative process?


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