Happy Internet Geek Tuesday: OWN & Tyler Perry Use YouTube to Promote HIV/AIDS Awareness

Photo Credit: Oprah.com
Photo Credit: Oprah.com


Photo Credit: TylerPerry.com
Photo Credit: TylerPerry.com

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

I recently watched the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) YouTube channel which featured a short video from Tyler Perry’s television program, For Better or Worse. The video features an African American female therapist who has lived with HIV for 18 years sharing her story in an effort to convince another African American woman who has recently had unprotected sex to get tested. It represents a powerful example of how OWN and Tyler Perry are using YouTube and their television programming to promote HIV/AIDS awareness.

Photo Credit: AIDS.gov
Photo Credit: AIDS.gov

To learn more about HIV/AIDS awareness, visit AIDS.gov for resources including HIV testing locations.

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