Happy Internet Geek Tuesday: #DigCitizen Profile of #WHSocial Alum Bernetta Reese

Photo Credit: Bernetta Reese
Photo Credit: Bernetta Reese

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

Today I am sharing a Digital Citizenship (#DigCitizen) Project profile featuring Bernetta Reese, a social media leader, I met while attending the White House Social (#WHSocial) for the State of the Union (#SOTUSocial) in January.

Meet Bernetta Reese

1) Tell us who you are.

I work as the Web Manager for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. You can find me online as @BernettaReese on Twitter and www.bernettareese.com.

2) Why did you apply to participate in the #SOTUSocial?    

I wanted to help share the President’s message and show how real, every day, ordinary people can be involved and help make a difference.

3) Share the key moments you experienced while participating in the #SOTUSocial.   

Meeting Press Secretary Jay Carney and simply walking into the White House.

4) What social media tools did you use to support your participation in the #SOTUSocial?    

I used Twitter, Facebook, and also posted on Google +, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

5) After the #SOTUSocial, did you write or participate in any follow-up interviews for a blog, magazine, newspaper, radio station, or television station?

I wrote a blog post about my experience. Click here to read it.

6) Did you learn any lessons while participating in the #SOTUSocial?

My best lesson was to bring your own WiFi which I did.

7) What does digital citizenship mean to you?

Digital citizenship means to engage with people and access information about issues that matter to you by connecting with them online

8) How are you planning to stay engaged as a digital citizen?             

I’m a digital communications manager and all over the web. I love managing, leading, innovating, and engaging communities of people through digital communications.

9) Share several ways Americans can use their digital presence and online network to engage civically on a local, state, and/or national level. 
Anyone can make a difference and get involved! Opportunities are boundless in the digital world.

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