Happy Creativity Thursday: Creativity Requires Courage

Photo Credit: http://blog.ali-comunicazione.com/?cat=3
Photo Credit: http://blog.ali-comunicazione.com/?cat=3

Happy Creativity Thursday!

When I was a little girl growing up in Landover, Maryland in the 1970s, my mother, an early childhood undergraduate student at the University of Maryland, encouraged me and my brothers to express our creativity through the power of imagination. My oldest brother, Mike, was the leader of our pack. His courage to create things we could only dream about amazed me. He designed and showed us how to cut out guitars from cardboard boxes so that we could imitate the Jackson Five, our favorite musical group. He also designed the plans for a snow igloo and served as the chief architect and foreman during the building process.

Mike Leeke
Mike Leeke

Photo Credit: Mike Leeke
Photo Credit: Mike Leeke

Later, he developed his talents and studied to become a comic book graphic artist at the Philadelphia College of Art. Throughout his career, I have watched Mike tap into the wellspring of courage that lies within his heart to pursue his dreams. It has grounded him in times of transition and helped him expand his vision for his creative expression. He is my creativity courage hero who reminds me to embrace my own courage in my creative life.

How do you find courage to express your creativity?

Do you have any creativity courage heroes or sheroes?

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